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What should appear above the fold in a web page

When designing a web page, elements “above the fold” means organizing them in such way so the most important information appears on that part of the page visible without scrolling down. There are several elements that should be added above the fold:


1. The site logo along with the site name

2. The website message (some details on what your site is about-web directory, magazine, news…)

3. The navigation menu (to the most important pages of the site)

4. Important actions the visitors should perform (i.e. site login or registration)

5. Any important information such as contact details, phone number, and so on.

The size of this part of the page depends merely on visitor’s screen resolution, but modern computers can go to up to 1920×600px; anyway, never rely on such high values. A size around 1000px (width) × 800px (height) is a good maximum value to organize the content above the fold.

The visitor’s attention is mostly focused to the top left of the page and diminishes to the bottom right corner of the screen. In the image below you can see how the visitor’s attention gets focused on a web page.


Is that why the most important details should appear on the right side of the page and above the fold.

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