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Irish Neighbourhoods in London

Migration from Ireland to England has long been a feature in Irish history, with many migrants choosing to head to London as well as further afield. In fact, there is still a strong Irish community in London with various areas of the city being more popular than others. It is […]


Salmonella - a Possible Health Threat

by Justin Corliss In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, baby Red-eared Sliders (Trachemys Scripta Elegans) were commonly available in most pet shops in the United States. These attractive little turtles caught the eye of many fanciers, and thus a large trade existed in them. However, many small children who kept […]

Social media

Social Media Mistakes You Need to Avoid

We all make mistakes… But sometimes people make some horrible social media mistake that can ruin their business. You will never want to make that kind of mistake. But how you can avoid them if you are not aware of those mistakes? Following is the list of some common social media […]

Small business

Businesses that Went Bankrupt Due to the Internet

The Internet has undeniably revolutionized the way we do business. Today, we could simple make payments with one click through Paypal and Ebay and search for classified ads. Unfortunately, this development compromises the existence of some businesses. The following are the industries, products, or occupations that have grown obsolete with the […]

Fireplace Chimney

Fireplace Chimney Mistake Alert: Are You Making These?

Your fireplace is an asset that increases the value of your home substantially. However, significance lies in understanding the potential hazards it presents. There are several owners who unknowingly make grievous mistakes while using the chimney or the fireplace. Make sure not to light another fire before ascertaining you are […]


What Is a Genetic Carrier?

Advances in prenatal testing technologies have been able to answer more questions for expecting parents regarding the health of their baby. Now, using noninvasive prenatal testing, expecting parents can get prenatal screening without the risk of invasive procedures. When exploring prenatal screening options, it is advised that expecting parents seek […]


Can Emerging Markets Rebound in the Future?

In the past, rebounding markets have been taking a hard hit because of a number of reasons such as high oil prices and other rising commodities, threats from ISIS, the strong performance of the dollar and Feds decision to increase rate. Each year, there seems to be a strong challenge […]


Why to Study Medicine in Ukraine

Ukrainian medical schools and universities are one of the best options for those who want to get a medical education abroad. Many students interested in medicine, from different countries of the world, come to study in Ukraine , particularly dentistry, pediatrics, and nursing. What makes Ukraine such a popular destination for […]