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The Clairvoyant Arts: What They Are and How They Can Help You

angel_heartClairvoyance literally means ‘clear seeing’, a way for someone to see beyond the mundane present to recognise and understand the deeper levels of reality. The clairvoyant can use a huge variety of techniques to uncover this information, tapping into the spiritual realm and gauging your energies and aura to give advice, recommendations and healings specifically for you. Although the range of techniques used to do this is too great for us to fully cover in this article, some of the clairvoyant arts and their benefit to you are explained here.


Astrology is one of the most ancient forms of divination still used today which is based on determining the effect on our lives by the position of stars and planets in the cosmos. Many people are familiar with the astrological sign of their birth (commonly known as ‘star sign’) and this is just one small subpart of the art of astrology. Having been used for thousands of years, ancient Indians, Chinese and Mayans used astrology as part of their elaborate systems of communicating with the gods and predicting events on Earth. An astrology reading goes right to your basic essence, that can help you better understand the intrinsic qualities that make you the way you are, can help you recognise your specific skills and strengths and how to use them on your Life Path to bring the greatest fruit.

Palm Reading

Palm reading or palmistry is another clairvoyant art where a skilled artist observes and interprets the lines, wrinkles and shape of the hands to interpret circumstances of your life and future. The hands are an intimate part of the body that are constantly used in our everyday lives, and thus can reflect unique knowledge about ourselves. A palm reading will read th 7 main lines of the hand along with other lines and factors like hand shape, starting with the dominant hand. A palm reading can be helpful in understanding aspects of your past in the way they have been reflected on your hands. It can also be helpful to identify aspects of your personality, and how that may shape your future.

Communication with Spirits

While it sounds a little scary, some people are naturally born, or cultivate through spiritual practice, the ability to communicate to spirits who exist in other realms, whether they are previously deceased people or celestial beings. This technique has become more popular in modern times as it requires a certain skill or gift that is unique to the clairvoyant-the ability to specifically communicate with the spirits. The advantages of this method are that you can obtain more diverse information about a variety of issues or subjects that are affecting your life, or other peoples life, sometimes in great detail. Choosing a skilled practitioner is an important part of employing this method.

Aura Reading

The aura is the subtle, illuminated radiance that surrounds our physical body, and it can reflect the innermost workings of your mind and body in ways that are not observable on a normal level of consciousness. The energy field of an aura can be read by a skilled psychic to help unlock and bring awareness to hidden difficulties and blockages. Although colour of the aura can be one aspect of interest in an aura reading, there is a wealth of other information to be obtained from an aura reading as well, such as temporary hindrances or complaints, short or long term problems and even deep gifts of the soul.

Distance Reading

Distance reading is also a very popular technique employed these days which can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a psychic line, email or message. Distance readers must used their well-honed skills to divine information from spirits, astrology, numerology and cards to receive and interpret information about your situation over a distance. This technique can be very useful in that it integrates many clairvoyant techniques and can be applied to your situation wherever you are. Not needing to be in the physical presence of the practitioner make it more convenient to communicate with them and you can access more frequent sessions to develop a relationship and have ongoing assistance in this way, which is a great advantage.

While this by no means covers all of the clairvoyant arts, it gives a useful, practical overview of some of the more popular ones, and their usefulness in your life.

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