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A Beginner’s guide to Learning Django

Web Development remains to be at the top of every aspiring techies bucket list. Web development, in its essence, is the practice of developing and maintaining web pages and web applications. Now that you have landed here, you are either an aspiring web developer or an experienced one, looking to […]

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Vacation Ideas that Suit Workaholics the Best

According to Dr. Mark Griffiths Evaluation and the Health Professions review, the prevalence of individuals addicted to work among Americans is about 10%. It is an intrusive dedication that prevails over almost all aspects of life. For many people their addiction is related inseparably to feelings of their intrinsic value […]


The Health Pros and Cons To Going For A Swim

Swimming is both an exciting pastime and an incredible form of exercise. Like everything else in life, swimming offers both pros and cons when it comes to your overall health. For example, while swimming can be a great stress reducer, it can cause all sorts of damage to your hair. […]