10 Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend

There are very few things in life that are as satisfying as seeing your partner happy. If you’re on the lookout for sure shot ways to catch your boyfriend off guard and making him happy at the same time, then you’re in the right place. Keep the sparks in your relationship alive with these top 10 actions that guarantee to take away his attention (and heart with it!):

Top 10 Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend

  • Go the old-fashioned way

They say love is timeless and its traditions eternal. There are many men who still appreciate a fancy candlelit dinner in the heart of your home or a handwritten love note placed on a bed scattered with rose petals. After a tiring weekday slogging away at the office desk, your man will definitely be taken aback and heartened by such a romantic gesture.

  • Gift him something meaningful

Meaningful gift for boyfriendAnother way to surprise your boyfriend would be to make something meaningful of your own and gift it. Knit him a sweater, a scarf, or maybe even a muffler, or cook him his favorite meal or create a short love video of you both. If you don’t have the skills to make something give him some of these gifts that will surprise and delight him. The thoughtful gifting gesture will be rewarded in many ways!

  • Spice up the small things

You know how they say the smallest things create the biggest impact? Same applies when giving surprises! It needn’t cost thousands of dollars to get an extra smile from your man. Here are a couple of small ideas that you can execute with minimal time and effort:

  • Arrange their favorite candy pieces or sticky notes to say “I love you” at places they wouldn’t miss looking.
  • Personalize their ringtone or alarm tone by replacing it with your voice. And say something cheeky – for the fun of it!
  • Write them a thoughtful note and hide it in the pocket of their jacket or wallet.
  • If your partner speaks another language, learn a few phrases in his language and write a love letter in it.
  • Take care of their first love

Ways To Surprise Your BoyfriendAdmit it – your man’s first love is his car! Whichever car he owns, steal it for a short time, give it a nice clean wash, inside out, fill up the gas tank and bring it back. First, he’d be surprised at why you did it, and the second, for the fact that you noticed and acknowledged his special connection with his vehicle. A two-in-one feel better!

  • Dedicate a song on the radio

If your boyfriend drives home from work every day or tunes into a certain radio program often, why don’t you try dedicating his favorite song on it? Club it with a personal message and we’re sure it’ll catch his ears and his heart!

  • Pop in for a quick lunch

Nothing says “I love you” like being physically present. Surprise your boyfriend by randomly joining him for lunch or coffee at a place near his office. A welcome break from office work can be made extra special with your presence.

  • Take it outdoors

A change of scenery invigorates not just your relationship, but also your thoughts and mental balance. Once a month, plan a date outdoors under the stars and enjoy the fresh air together. If you live in a city, take your partner to a classy rooftop bar and treat him there. Or pack a picnic dinner and enjoy an outdoor movie screening in the park. A change in your date setting can be a mood booster and can open up avenues for new topics and discussions.

  • Pamper him – body and soul

Who said only women like to be pampered? Men really very close behind in scheduling routine pedicures, manicures and facials – and they love it! It does not just make them look good, but it also makes them feel good – about themselves, about you, about the world. Treat your man to a day in the spa with a host of massages and beauty routines.

What’s better – you can do all this and more within your home! Everything is enjoyed much better when you do it yourself. Wrap up the home spa date with a nice relaxing hot bath in a dreamy setting.

  • Do something adventurous

hot-air-balloon-surprise-boyfriendSpontaneity breeds happiness. It’s the rule of life. Do something that will shake up your partner from his usual routines. Take him hiking up a rocky cliff to see a beautiful sunset. Go zip lining over a famous street, forest, canyon or scenic river. Get on board a hot air balloon if he’s afraid of heights.

If it’s not the physically adventurous things he craves, you can also make him try something new which he’s been hesitant about. Get him seats to a musical instrument class he’s been wanting to take for a long time. Or sign him up for a cooking class specializing in things that are not his forte.

  • Plan an entire day around the things he loves

Begin this day with breakfast in bed. Scribble something cheesy on the bathroom mirror before he heads to shower. Surprise him with a freshly washed car filled with his favorite scent. Take him to his favorite restaurant for lunch and slip in tickets to a game he’s been wanting to go in between the menu. There’re just too many ways to innovate here!

Surprise your partner with any of these ideas and watch how that romantic spark lights up again!

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