How to Show Love and Affection to Your Family Each and Every Day

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We are all fully aware that love and affection we feel towards our family members cannot be converted into money or something material. Emotions are best expressed by caring about other, not by lavishing expensive gifts at them. However, there are certain occasions when a tasteful gift is more than welcome. The impending Christmas holidays are just one example of the right time to present your mother, brother or girlfriend with a special gift. Just be aware that the giving season is not once a year, but lasts throughout the entire year. There really shouldn’t be any special occasion for you to hand in a small gift to your family members or do something else to show that you care. This ritual should be done on daily basis, so they always know you are there for them. If you ever wondered how to let the other person know that you care, here are some of the best ways to do so.

Listen to them

The world of today is a one of raging egoism. People are self-centered and rarely have time for other people’s problems. Heck, they don’t even have the time to hear them out. That is why a good listener is much appreciated. Sit down with your partner or family member and listen attentively to what they have to say. Soak in every word and make eye contact constantly so they would know that you are actively listening. Don’t interrupt them, but once they’re done, repeat the main points and offer a solution or a piece of advice to their problems. They will feel much better since they know that they have a reliable person to relate their problems to and they will appreciate your presence even more.

The power of touch

Scientific research has shown that hugging has a positive effect both for the body and the mind. In general, any kind of compassionate physical contacts is an act of caring. The need to be touched or hugged is a universal need unique to every human being. This is especially important in romantic relationships. If you are walking down the street you can hold hands with your partner or you can give them a kiss before departing. Children and seniors also like to be hugged and their mothers do this often. This way, they feel protected and appreciated by other family members. In general, physical touch is a clear statement that you are there for the other person. Don’t shy away from it and hug your parent every time you meet them, for instance.


Like we stated earlier, material stuff alone is not enough, but it can help. Don’t wait for other people’s birthday to surprise them with a new mug or a game console. The presents you buy them don’t have to be expensive or big, but they have to come from the heart. Sometimes a customized pen or a photo album will be enough to make them feel appreciated. The best thing about gifts nowadays is that you have whole-ready packaged. They can even be delivered to the doorstep of your loved ones in a special wrapping. The next time they see you, you are bound to get a kiss of gratitude. Also, these presents can be handmade, increasing their sentimental value. A grandmother can knit a wool hat for her grandchildren, for instance.

Make time for family

No matter how busy your private or business life may be, always make room for your family. You can postpone meeting up with your loved ones once or twice, but evading them every single time because you have other stuff to do is setting them off. Do exactly the opposite and make room for them in your daily itinerary. Dropping by your parent’s house after work, or going to the movies with your partner in the evening all show the other person that you care. They are aware of how precious your time is and they will know how to appreciate that you always have time for them. Sometimes you can invite them to activities that you would normally do alone, like a lunch break or cycling in the park. (Time)sharing is caring in this case.

Don’t forget to say kind words

When we were kids, we all hated having to reply to our mother that we loved her every time she would say that to us. However, these verbal confirmations of love are necessary if we want to have a straight and open relationship with anyone. Many people simply forget to put into words what they feel. This results in the fact that their loved ones often feel disregarded since they lack the oral token of love. Even if you are bad with words, you can quote others if it makes things easier. In the end, it’s not so hard to say as you’re leaving the door: “Love you, mum.”

We have to ask ourselves how often we show any of the tokens of love listed here. Hardly are they demonstrated each day and if we really love our family, they really ought to be more frequent. It takes so little to show someone you care for them, so be sure to express yourself in the manner of your choice.

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