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The Truth About the Food Guide Pyramid

The United States Department of Agriculture has been telling Americans how to eat since 1894, when it issued its Farmers' Bulletin that said men should eat a diet comprised of protein, carbohydrates, fats and "mineral matter." For the latter part of the 20th century, the granddaddy of dietary guidelines was […]


Health Care Changes in the Next Decade

Think the Affordable Care Act is the biggest change to happen to health care since the polio vaccine? Just wait. Health care is going to change dramatically in the next 10 years, in ways that are going to significantly benefit everyone. Here are seven ways we predict health care will […]


Combating the Tell Tale Signs of Age and Infirmity

With the government shut-down in the U.S. dominating international headlines, it is little wonder that officials are desperately looking for ways to save public money. While the federal government discuss reforming healthcare and education, however, recent research has suggested that simply extending the average human lifespan and reducing the prevalence […]


Redesigning your Office Space to Increase Staff Morale

Office design can have a direct impact on staff morale which, in turn, will significantly increase productivity. By ensuring your working environment is attractive and well-maintained, your team will be a much happier, more motivated workforce, creating a positive company culture. Additionally, a well-designed office will create a professional impression […]


Omega 3 vs. Omega 6

Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids contribute a lot in keeping the body functioning well. Though at first glance you may find both looking the same, but then no, they have different value in your body and each has different benefits. Scientific evidence shows that both are helping in […]


The Purpose of Chromatography Columns

Chromatography belongs to that family of inventions that really changed the world but few people know it. Some people may guess with the etymology that it basically means "the writing of colors", from the ancient Greek chroma that means color and graphein that means writing. But very of them can really […]