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Taking Travel to the Next Level with Travelgenio

travel-tour-turkey-landscape-563-2Travelgenio’s mission is to provide the best possible travelling experience to its clients through a combination of experience, enthusiasm and innovation. A pivotal aspect of this service is the company’s website-www.travelgenio.us. It goes without saying that in today’s fast-paced life, travellers require a functional website through which they can fulfil their needs in a timely manner. With this in mind, Travelgenio developed a website which provides its clients with anything they may require for their travelling needs.

The very first aspect one considers when visiting any website is its design. Travelgenio ensured a clean and minimalistic website layout which is pleasant to look at-there is no clutter whatsoever so that the viewer may easily pinpoint what he is looking for. This eye-catching design does not in any way compromise the website’s functionality, as all the sections and features are sufficiently prominent to catch the viewer’s attention without being overly-flashy. In the travelling sector, a neat design such as that offered by Travelgenio is crucial as it goes beyond mere aesthetic niceties-it helps the client use the website more effectively as less time is wasted sifting through unnecessary clutter.

The website’s main feature is undoubtedly the flight search function. Consequently, this function is showcased prominently on the website’s main page for the user’s convenience. Once again, functionality and design are amalgamated for a pleasant user experience, with all the necessary input fields presented in a clean layout to aid clarity and efficiency.

Once the user has entered all the required flight details, the website presents results in a convenient manner sorted according to the criteria chosen by the user. Presenting the results in a side-by-side view enables one to adequately compare options based on what one is seeking. All relevant information is provided, with a level of attention-to-detail that helps the client make an informed choice.

Travelgenio also included a blog section in their website-a feature which not all travelling websites incorporate. Through such a blog, users can benefit from expert insights, opinions and advice with regards to their travelling needs. Different destinations are outlined in order to cater for as many different client tastes as possible. One can be sure to find a blog post targeting one’s personal interests, as a new blog post is posted weekly. Users can be sure to learn useful and relevant snippets of information regarding desired destinations, thus helping them make up their minds in case of uncertainties.

A useful column on the website’s left provides links to other sections containing relevant information. One may find FAQs regarding flights, migration, payments and pax rights, as well as information regarding data protection, insurance and other terms and conditions.

Through the website one may obviously contact the Travelgenio team with any queries or problems. The contact page provides all necessary information for one to get in touch, be it by phone, fax or e-mail. An effective input system allows one to provide all necessary information to ensure a timely and efficient reply. All in all, Travelgenio’s website provides an excellent user-friendly experience, both in terms of design and in terms of functionality.

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