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StarOfService, We Want to Become the “Amazon website of services”

Untitled-4StarOfService is a new French start up. This young start up, based at La Défense, was created by Lucas Lambertini, Mael Leclair and Toni Paignant.

The firm concept is mostly concerned with linking individuals to professionals. After its setting up, StarOfService's notoriety is currently growing bigger and faster. How then has come the idea of building such a start up? Internet has become the most used device to find every need. StarOfService's founders have been led to this observation. StarOfService is created.

At the very beginning, StarOfService is founded to let everyone to look for an online service and to get delivered at home like McDonald delivery services. But after a three-month period starting, the company creators found a website which was exactly providing the same services, just as what they have imagined for their company. They then turned into a B to C website.

This later brought a huge help to get the present firm's unexpected network and you are now able to find every service like a plumber, a teacher or a locksmith.

Searching for services home providers seems to be easy. But looking for a specific service can be harder than anyone expects it. Yet, the company hosts all types of working services. StarOfService can fulfill all needs not only for usual services such as a plumber's but also specific services like pony or clown rental. The firm really wishes to stand out by becoming the Amazon website of services.

In addition, the startup can help every professional to propose his services in all the region of France. How does it work? This later can register online. The company proposes them to pay a small amount which enables them of sending their offer to the clients. StarOfService also helps professionals to get more visibility by dint of an optimized profile.

Clients can thereby trust in the quality of the professional's services.

In conclusion, StarOfService is the effective solution that satisfies every need!

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