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The Only Commander You’ll Ever Need | Commander One – Review

If you have ever found yourself stranded with your Android device because you could not connect it with your Mac due to incompatibility issues, your troubles have come to an end. Commander One is a versatile file management software from Eltima Software that facilitates file transfer and management on Macs. This review will inform you a bit about the software and highlight a few of its features that you’ll find interesting and convenient.

The User Interface

Commander one comes with a dual-pane interface, a feature that is unique to the software. For Mac OS X users, this feature is particularly beneficial. If you have ever found yourself jumping from window to window or from tab to tab just to transfer files and wished there was an easier way, Commander One is here for the rescue. The dual-pane interface enables you to transfer files easily within your Mac in one place. As you can see above, the interface enables you to access two distinct locations of files on your Mac and easily transfer files between them. It is a dream come true for OS X users. The interface is intuitive for Mac users as it has more convenient and useful features, which are familiar because they function pretty much the way things are done using Finder. Once you get used to this interface, don’t be surprised if you forget about Finder.

The Software Features

File Management

File management is the signature feature of Commander One. It comes packed with convenient file management features that make Finder seem very inadequate as a file management feature on the Mac. As indicated earlier, its dual-pane interface improves file transfer between different locations on the Mac. It also makes it easy to navigate and manage files on the Mac.

The transfer speed is fast that you won’t even notice it. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple-based devices, you will also be able to access and exchange files between them and your Mac.

This software also enables quick Android file transfer between your Android devices and your Mac computer. With it, gone are the days when you had to access the files on your Android device only on either the Android device or using a friend’s Windows computer.

Moreover, the software has an AutoDetect feature for mobile devices. This feature enables it to sense that a mobile device is connected and it will give your computer access to the files. This way, you can use your Apple or Android devices as mounted drives just as you would an external hard drive or thumb drive. With this approach, you don’t even have to exchange the files between your mobile devices and Mac; you can simply open the files and view them. You can watch movies, listen to songs, or view your photos on your Mac without necessarily transferring them to the computer. This is a fast and convenient feature when you just need to access files quickly.

FTP Client

Commander One also comes with an inbuilt FTP client that facilitates the transfer of files between your Mac and remote servers. It uses FTP, FTPS, and SFTP to do this.

Furthermore, it comes with many other features that facilitate access to non-Apple storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, or OneDrive. This is the only software you need on a Mac to manage files on non-Apple devices and services.

Commander One is a one in a million software. If you need a software that will make it easy for you to manage the files on your Mac, don’t look any further.

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