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Disk Drill Software Review – Recover Deleted Files from Your Hard Drive


Many users store their important documents, pictures, and videos on the hard drive to save the internal memory of a phone. At times, the data gets deleted, either intentionally or accidentally. When that happens, how can one make hard drive data recovery? The answer is by using a hard drive recovery software. One option is Disk Drill Hard Drive Recovery Software, which creates backup files of all the data and places it within its memory. You probably think that because of multiple unexpected accidents or just because of someone else’s fault, you can lose the important files and snaps forever. This perhaps isn’t true even if the files are permanently removed because an automatic backup of those files is stilled placed within the internal memory of the drive. However, that needs to be recovered. How? All you need is to learn more about the software so you know and understand the process of recovering even the most important documents or files if they ever get deleted.

What is Disk Drill Hard Drive Data Recovery Software?

Did you try deleting important data on your phone? Don’t worry even if you have! External hard drive recovery is possible now using Disk Drill. Without requiring much of the efforts and time, your data can be recovered from the Hard Drive. All you need is to know how to install, launch and use Disk Drill Hard Drive Recovery Tool. Continue reading the post to learn all.



1) Visit cleverfiles.com and download the application. It is available for both, MAC and Windows

2) Once the file is downloaded, click on the icon to open the setup wizard.

3) Drag the app into your app folder for easy access.

Launching Disk Drill Hard Drive Recovery Software

  1. Go to the app folder where you have dragged the app, and double click on the icon.
  2. After opening the files, enable the recovery vault of the software. It is important to turn it on as it will help to find deleted files in the future. You can now check out the scanned results as a disk or even can monitor the disk for hardware.
  3. Choose all the options you require and then click “Continue” tab. Don’t worry if something is left unmarked; it can be marked later.
  4. Now, you will see a pop-up on your screen that will ask you for permission. Permission to allow the software to make changes to your computer. Allow it to quickly scan the system. Now, just enter your Admin password and click “OK”.

Process To Recover Files

Once you have installed Disk Drill, you now can follow certain steps to recover all the applications or the files that were accidentally deleted.


1) Connect your device to the PC(use USB debugging technology to connect). In case you want to recover files from an external drive, first connect it with the PC. Wait until your PC recognizes the device.

2) Once the device is connected, close all the applications running on your device, most importantly the apps that use the access of the Disc. The best action is to shut the device down.

3) Launch Disk Drill Application on your PC, and connect your phone to it. Now, check for any sort of data protection or an assured recovery enabled on the volume you require to recover data from, and just select the Recover option right next to the volume.

4) Click on the Recover for the hard drive file recovery.

5) Wait until the app finishes the scanning. The time taken actually depends on the amount of data in the drive.

6) Once the scanning is complete, check the deleted files. They’ll be there!

Final Words

This is how you can easily download the recovery software and use it to recover the lost files from your Hard Drive. Not only you’ll be able to retrieve files without any hassles but also be able to do it with supersonic speed. Nevertheless, it’s important to download the latest version of Disk Drill to avoid any sort of set backs.

If you have any questions, please ask below!