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My Experience With Electronic Cigarettes

e cigIf you are a smoker, just step into the convenient store and look behind the counter. Luckily, you will find an overwhelming selection of cigarettes. Most of the smokers have stick to one or two familiar brands. These variations of the electronic cigarettes have catered a multitude of preference which comprises of: taste and flavor, aesthetic qualities and smoking duration. By visiting a specialty shop, you will get a high end cigarette. Alternatively, you can blow the last couple of bucks which are at the cheapest pack of stogies at the shelf.

Apart from the variety of cigarettes which are available, there are different types of smokers which consist of: light, heavy only when I drink, social, those who have oral fixation and those addicted to nicotine. Regardless of the type of smokers, there is an absolute reason to quit. Lucky, those who want to quit smoking have a reason to smile.

Even though electronic cigarettes are new in the market, the cigarettes have risen to extend of meeting the demands of a diverse community. The base of every electronic cigarette is similar. It consists of a filter-sized cartridge which contains water, nicotine and optimal selection of flavors. The cartridges are screwed into a cylindrical rechargeable battery. As a result, it mimics the appearance of a real cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are also relatively cheap. In addition to that, you will not encounter the worst case scenario as it will not harm your body. Nevertheless, there are new brands which will throw you into a pack which is not the best. Generally, you will have purchased an electronic cigarette in excess of 100 dollars yet you will not be able to get the right flavor. Thus, it is a wise idea to do a though research before buying the product. Fortunately, there are some best choices of electronic cigarettes which you can get by undergoing the research.

Like many brands, electronic cigarettes are the same. This is the reason why you need to familiarize yourself with some of the cigarettes reviews so that you will be aware of which one of them works and which one doesn't work. The following are some of the electronic cigarettes reviews which can assist you:

After using tobacco cigarettes for a long time, I first encountered electronic cigarettes when my son brought me from an overseas trip. Four months down the line, I can confess that this is the best decision which I have made when it comes to improving the health as well as saving some dollars which you could have spent as you look for tobacco cigarettes.

I really enjoyed smoking the electronic cigarette. I also bought a star back which contains a battery and four cartridges. There is also a USB charger which can be plugged into a computer. It took four hours to charge the battery and when I screwed the battery I was ready to smoking. I could hold the electronic cigarette and puff out the vapor when I exhaled. Moreover, I could tip lit up as if it was a tobacco cigarette. This enabled me to make a huge saving for somebody like me who could smoke a full pack within a day. Before finding the best flavors, you will need to experiment a bit. But, you have to keep in mind that all the flavors are both nicotine and chemical free.

I have found out that after a period of four months, I have been feeling much better, don't have to hide me habit from my friends and family and don't have a croaky voice.

You might have finally decided to stop smoking. Obviously, the taste or flavors which the electronic cigarettes have will not allow you as you will enjoy.

In conclusion, checking out electronic cigarettes reviews websites will greatly help a tobacco smoker.

As mentioned above, tobacco contains harmful chemicals which harm both the smoker and the non -smokers. Recent studies have revealed that smoking tobacco accounts for 30% of all the deaths in the United States.

In has resulted in 87% of lung cancer in men and 70% in women. Therefore, it is important to go for the electronic cigarettes since it doesn't have the limitations mentioned.

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