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MacX – Must-have Tool for 4K & HD Video Processing: Convert, Edit & Resize Videos at Fastest Speed

The clearer a video is, the more realistic it seems to us. 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) videos are everywhere today because they display videos that are as close to reality as a screen can show. And files that are in this format are incredibly large. 1080p videos are very large for most people; now, 4K videos are 4 times larger. That’s insanely big. Having these videos on your mobile device, or even in your computer, consumes a lot of space. The only logical thing to do, especially when you’d like to have various videos on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, is to convert these videos to a different format. MacX is an incredibly powerful 4K video processing tool that was designed for the sole purpose of making the conversion of 4K videos a piece of cake, as well as the conversion of other videos. Here are the reasons why this is the only tool you’ll ever need as far as video conversion is concerned, especially, 4K UHD videos.

The Ultimate 4K UHD Video Conversion Tool

I’ve already highlighted that 4K videos are very large in size. Furthermore, these files are difficult to convert to other formats because of the nature of 4K videos. Most conversion software have a difficult time converting videos that are in this format. They often compromise the clarity of the videos. MacX is a rare tool that has the capacity to successfully convert 4K videos into other formats that you can view on your mobile devices, without compromising that high-quality picture you love about 4K videos. How on earth does it do this? What about it makes it so special?

MacX Features

  • Convert 4K and other HD videos at the highest speed while preserving quality. The software takes advantage of Intel QSV/ Nvidia/ and AMD hardware acceleration technologies to ensure your video retains every aspect of its initial quality.
  • Convert videos (4K UHD, HD, and other high-quality videos) to MP4, MOV, and 300+ other formats
  • Convert videos to be compatible with any device you like
  • Resize/ Compress large-sized video files to more manageable sizes for your mobile devices, and to save space on your desktop computer
  • Edit 4K videos, merge, trim, crop, add subtitles and a custom watermark
  • Adjust 4K video bit rate, frame rate, codec, and alternative options
  • Record Mac screen and capture videos with Mac’s inbuilt camera
  • Lossless output video quality guaranteed by high quality engine and Deinterlacing technology. MacX Video Converter Pro adopts the High-Quality Engine, Deinterlacing technology, and Auto Copy Mode to ensure the original output video quality.

There is no way you’ll lose the good quality of your HD, and 4K UHD video files with this application.

Those are some of the coolest and most impressive features you’ll find in a video converter today. When it comes to converting videos, there is nothing as annoying as losing the original high quality of your video after conversion, and even worse of all, the file size remaining the same or with just a tiny difference. MacX solves all these problems. Furthermore, sometimes you are forced to tweak your video converter here and there to get the best settings for a video to both reduce in size and still be in a watchable quality after conversion. Getting the best settings for these tweaks is a painful process, and with most video converters on the market today, you will almost always have to sacrifice quality. MacX comes with optimized preconfigured settings for any video format you like. Even though the app still gives you the option to make further tweaks if the default ones don’t work for you, most people will find the default settings to be just perfect.

The software’s user interface is simple, straightforward, and aesthetically pleasing. Just click one of the buttons at the top of the interface to select the media you want to convert. A dialog box will pop up with options for the conversion. Make the necessary adjustments; like choosing the output format you want and the compression level desired. And when you are done setting your preferred settings for the output format, just click the big blue button at the bottom right of the application that says ‘Run’ and your conversion will start and finish in no time. Piece of cake.

MacX comes in both a Windows and Mac version. The software was initially meant for Mac computers and products, so its Mac version has slightly more features than the Windows one. For instance, the Mac version can capture videos on the screen while the Windows version lacks this feature. Also, the Mac version can convert videos to 400+ videos while the Windows one converts to around 350+ videos. You get the drill. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you are using a Mac or Windows-based computer, the conversion capacity of this software is not compromised in any way, manner, or form.

When it comes to 4K UHD videos and alternative HD videos, no software in the market today does a better job than MacX. 4K videos are everywhere today. The format is ideal and preferred due to the quality of videos it supports. But not everyone can afford Terabytes of hard disk space just to store video files. The ability to convert these ultra-high definition videos is essential and MacX enables us to do this easily

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