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iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger App Review

Parenting is not an easy job, and somehow, it is becoming hard day by day. With the growth in the technology with every passing day, parents have to face different and new challenges on daily basis. They have to keep up and struggle hard to cope with those challenges. Thanks to technology advancement, parents can turn to an Android keylogger to solve these problems and have piece of mind.


One of the biggest challenges that parents nowadays have to face due to the advancement in technology is to protect their children from the dangers of the internet. Android phones are popular and welcome among children due to the cheap price and powerful features. How to protect children’s safety when they use Android phone is an urgent task. One of the ways parents can protect their children from the adverse impacts of the internet is the use of Android keylogger such as iKeyMonitor parental control app.

How Does Android Keylogger Work?

Nowadays, it is very easy to connect with other people through various social media apps. Sometimes, your children can start a conversation with a complete stranger, who can misguide them or take advantage of their innocence.

Log Text Messages in SMS and Chat Apps

When you install iKeyMonitor Android keylogger on your children’s mobile phone, you can read the incoming and outgoing text messages either through SMS or social media apps. You would also be able to check all the photos and videos saved in the album of your children’s Android phones.

Track GPS Location and Geo-fencing

This app also allows you to check the location of your children. If you cannot contact them, you can feel relived by knowing their whereabouts. If their phones are missing or stolen, you can track the phones’ location and get them back easily. Isn’t this amazing? By setting up geo-fencing, you will get notifications as long as your child leaves the predefined region. You can take measures at once to protect kids from possible harms.

Log Web Browsing History

If you are worried that the kids may access porn websites when you are not around, iKeyMonitor solves this problem perfectly for you because it supports the logging of the Internet browsing history and searches inputted in the browsers. By checking their web history, you know whether they visit inappropriate websites and take action at once to guide them from making mistakes.

Limit Screen Time and Block Apps

Another benefit of iKeyMonitor Android keylogger is that it can limit the screen time and block apps and games flexibly. You can limit the usage time of their cellphones when kids should go to sleep or do their homework. Besides, too much time spent on the cellphone screen may harm children’s eye sight, skin and health. By restricting the usage time, you reduce the time that children are exposed to the phone screen.

In short, it helps in finding out in which activities your children spend their time while using a smartphone. This is an easy-to-use the app. Simply install the app on your children’s phones and you would be able to access their device through your phone.

What Are the Benefits of Android Keylogger?

If your children are addicted to mobile games, chatting online, then iKeyMonitor Android keylogger helps you perfectly because it has many advantages which makes parenting easy.

Provide Protection from Inappropriate Content

Many parents feel helpless when it comes to protecting their children from the questionable and inappropriate content, as it is spread all over the internet. This app enables parents to know whether their children access any inappropriate content.

Fight against Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a growing concern for most parents. Today, kids have become vulnerable to abusing and bullying through text messages and by other means on social media. Using Android keylogger, you can check on the messages your children are receiving from anyone: known or unknown. You can take appropriate action against anyone who is abusing your child.

Strengthen your Relationship

Some people may not agree with this advantage, but it is true. Using a parenting app like iKeyMonitor Android keylogger can help you strengthen your relationship with your child. Trust builds when parents know that their child is acting responsibly and respecting the rules. It also helps parents understand the likes and dislikes of their child.

Peace of Mind

Once you have installed an Android keylogger, you can enjoy peace of mind. You are sure that your child is safe, and in case, if there is something wrong, you can help your child at your best. Using a good parental control app, you know the location of your child as well. It’s natural that your stress decreases once you have control over your child’s device.

Android keylogger by iKeyMonitor has many useful features including SMS tracking, an accesses to messages on various social networking platforms. It also helps in tracking the location of the device on which it is installed. This keylogger also helps you in blocking the apps remotely without even touching the phone of your child. This app is compatible with Android phones and tablets. Start using it and it will definitely help you in protecting from the dangers of the internet.

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