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Dascoin: What You Need to Know Before Investing

Dascoin is a digital currency that embodies the most attractive features of other cryptocurrencies to present a better solution.This is one of the few cryptocurrencies that have demonstrated a huge potential of becoming a mainstream coin. This implies that it will be accepted by all merchants in the world and they have tangible and applicable business approaches to ensure this becomes a reality. While anonymity is the characteristic of decentralized systems, most governments have eschewed their acceptance and having a digital currency that demonstrates higher accountability will be easier to adopt.

How Dascoin works

For new coins to be made available to the Dascoin network, a criterion is followed and it is designed to ensure strict adherence to the supply of required resources for the growth of the network. The established database running on blockchain technology guarantees the instantaneous documentation of each coin generated globally.

Besides giving holders a seamless transaction experience, it comes with a high level of transparency. In a nutshell, this is a hybrid digital currency designed to present stability, simplicity and outstanding security.

For some time, the team at NetLeaders has been involved in serious negotiations with the “who is who” in the credit cards and debit cards payment service providers. The talks are all about actualizing the possibility of making unlimited payments with the digital coin. When this is realized, it will be possible to make a mobile phone payment in any of the 50 million outlets accepting the cards. The same idea is being used by Apple Pay and Android Pay but the funds are normally drawn from your personal bank account. On the contrary, the deal will make it easy to pay with digital coins.

The investment opportunity

Besides the aspect of trading of the Dascoin, you can take advantage of the Multi-Level Marketing system which has been designed to aid in the expansion of the active participants on the network. While multitudes of cryptocurrencies are relying on Initial Coin Offerings, the NetLeaders is seriously busy implementing an affiliate marketing plan. This means that if anyone dares to become a participant, they can earn some impressive commissions and bonuses while they wait for the coin value to skyrocket.

The compensation plans are applicable to active advocates who have purchased the one-off subscription. The direct sales bonus guarantees you a commission of 10% on any of your direct sale of NetLeader license. The network bonus will secure you an additional 10% which is calculated from your weak leg in your matrix. Both the commissions from the network bonus and direct sales will be divided into a 6% amount that is accessible at any moment but the remaining 4% will be held in a reserve account and converted to your coins. The matching bonus compensates between 10% and 30% on five levels on your network bonus downlines.

To get enrolled in the direct sales bonus program, you won’t need any special requirements. On the other hand, you need to have at least $500 in sales in both binary legs to become eligible for the network bonus program.

Should you invest in the Dascoin

When you look at most digital currencies, they have stuck to the existing systems followed by their predecessors. On the other hand, NetLeaders are trying to introduce a different system that works in a simple but efficient manner. Besides observing all the necessary legal compliance requirements, Dascoin is offering a great solution for improved security and ease of use.

Unlike other emerging digital coins, the team here is comprised of highly experienced individuals who have shown an outstanding performance in the past. When you combine the expertise with the great idea they are championing, the chances of success are quite high.

Nevertheless, investment is a personal decision that should be well-thought in the light of all other financial obligations. But this doesn’t make you immune to the sad feeling that comes from missing a great opportunity that would have made you a sizable return.

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