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How to Increase the Fan Base of Your Facebook Page

increase-facebook-likesFacebook traffic as we all know is basically one of the most active and low bounce rated one way traffic to any blog. In October 24 2012, Facebook announced that they've surpassed a staggering 1 billion active users every month… And since this announcement was epic on it own, it created a positive reaction-this immediately increased the interest for bloggers toward getting a chunk of the Facebook traffic.

Literally everybody wanted to create a fan page for their business. Some created and because they didn't know what to do in other to increase the page likes left their page to die a natural death.

So having seen that a lot of people who constantly create facebook pages nowadays don't have any idea as to how to increase the "likes "on their respective fan pages, I've come up with 4 essential way you can use to grow them in no time.

Below are the 4 sure ways to grow your "facebook fan page likes" a pro.

  • Always Have Fresh Content At All Times . . .

Everybody is drawn to anything done in a consistent manner. Like I always say, "having a facebook page isn't just about creating and then forgetting you once had a facebook fan page; but it's in creating and consistently keep updating on the fan page in other to increase the page's likes and interactivity".

That's exactly what you need to keep doing on a continual level; without any content there won't be any need for people to like your fan page since the page won't obviously add any value to them if they eventually end up liking it.

So providing content, not just any content, but quality content in the likes of invaluable information which people are looking around for is the only sure way of increasing your facebook fan page.

Remember: When you update your fan page, your page fans will share it on their facebook walls, and their own friends -who don't even know your fan page exist-will out of curiosity visit your fan page from their friend's share, which might likely end in a new like for your page if your content are of great value to them.

  • Offer a free ebook to obtain a "like"


This can be very useful when implemented on your blog, especially if the ebook you're trying to give out for free is of topmost value to your blog readers or to your prospective fans to be.

So go ahead and create an ebook, offer for free to anyone who wants it-only if they like your fan page-then, they'll get to download it for free.

Make sure to write up epic shit in the ebook and stuff it with so much value that people can't naturally resist, then they'll have no choice but to like your fan page before getting the free ebook.

Having said that, it's imperative to make sure the ebook you're giving out just for a "like" is valuable and also useful to the readers and prospective fans to be that you're targeting; because if they get the ebook and they're not at all satisfied with what they saw inside after reading it, then, they might end up un-liking and removing themselves from your fan page in an alarming rate.

So strive and come up with a solid ebook which is full of ground-breaking discoveries and that will also resonate with those which you're targeting to get on your fan page.

  • Add a "Follow Us On Facebook" Button to Your Site

FacebookThis is one of the most outstanding ways to increase your "facebook page like" in a passive manner without you really working too much to get them. It's simply using the power of the facebook "Follow Us" on your blog which is basically a social tool that Facebook created for fan page owners to grow their blog right from their own website.

Once you've gotten it (you can get it and configure the follow us widget at, and make sure to place the widget at an angle on your blog which can't be hidden from readers.

Also try and make it very easy for readers to be able to subscribe and follow your fan page on facebook without following long unnecessary processes. To do that, after updating your blog with any post, remind them constantly to like your page on facebook, keep reminding them and you'll get see new likes coming easily on autopilot.

  • Have An Incentive to Give Them When They Arrive


Let's face it. Nobody would really like your Facebook page out of the blue except liking the page has something for them as well. On facebook page, these are the kinds of people you'll meet there.

i. The Spammers. They obviously don't care of what you have to offer. What they have in mind as their core goal is to spam the heck off your fan page.

ii. The Hobby Likers. They don't really like your fan page for the quality contents you post on the fan page, maybe they do just a little. But they mainly like facebook pages because of fun or just a natural way of keeping their "fan page like portfolio" toppled with different pages.

iii. The Information Seekers. These are the people you should focus on, since they are zealously interested in your every word on that topic which you cover. They are ready to visit your blog anytime any day because of the value they derive from your every posting.

Focusing and targeting on the third kind of people and having something for them (something related to your niche which the first and second type of people above won't find useful) will ensure they like your page more and even make it more interactive on the long run.

The incentive you'll give should be strictly something related to your niche. If you have a fan page on SEO Tutorial, then it becomes quite reasonable to give out maybe a SEO product with the price slashed for your new subscribers.

Doing this will help you keep people coming and it will also help you make the same people that came to also single-handedly market your fan page to their facebook friends just because of the incentive you offer on the page.

So let me ask this question-which way did you use in building your own fan page likes?

Let us know your answer in the comment section.

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