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Facebook Connectivity Tips For Your Business

facebook-iconRegardless of the specific industry that you work in, chances are good that it is hyper-competitive and over-saturated. Moving to the top of your field and distinguishing yourself from the competition is crucial but can be extremely difficult. One of the most important ways to stand out from the rest of the field is by connecting directly with your clients, audience or customers. The recent (and current) technology boom is one reason that most industries are so brutally competitive but it is also one of your greatest assets in connecting with those you need to reach—if you know how to use it right.

Social media is now a predominant player in almost any tech and connectivity conversation. Whether the creators of social media sites intended for their products to become anything more than fun social tools or not, the truth is that sites such as Facebook are now business tools that you cannot afford to do without. We live in an exciting time wherein the rules and procedures of how to find and contact potential customers are quickly evolving. If you are not working towards being on the cutting edge of this trend then it is likely that you will be left behind. If you feel like you might already be a little behind the game then here are five simple tips on how to use Facebook to enhance opportunities for advertising, client feedback and customer retention.

Maintain Separate Personal and Professional Accounts

The initial popularity of Facebook was sparked by excitement over the new ease and type of casual social interaction that it affords and it is still used by millions for just this today. If you are using Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, share vacation photos or pass along humorous YouTube videos then that is just fine. But make sure to do that under your own name, on your own account. Keeping separate accounts for yourself and your business will allow you to tailor your approaches so that your interaction is appropriate for both audiences.

Take Advantage of Specialized Functions

Facebook has done an impressive job of adapting alongside the market. In addition to fairly regular updates to formatting and design, the site has developed features perfectly suited to promoting businesses, building a customer base and keeping customers satisfied. If you aren't comfortable with anything other than the "post" and "like" features on Facebook then it's time to branch out and see what the site can really do for you. Features such as customized (and promotable) ads and specialized business pages are great tools so get comfortable using them so that you can easily connect and interact with clients, partners and customers.

Post Regularly

Consistency is the most important rule when it comes to marketing through social media. Internet users are bombarded with advertisements everyday so random and irregular posts will not amount to much. Post daily or even multiple times per day with varied and enticing messages that catch interest quickly. There are a number of free programs that allow you to compose and schedule posts in advance so that you can formulate a more strategic and coordinated effort.

Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website

As mentioned above, brevity is crucial for social media marketing. Most lengthy Facebook posts are skipped over and forgotten so you will want to focus on quick, powerful posts that encourage interested parties to seek more information. Let your Facebook business page become a portal to your official site.

Encourage Employees to Participate As Well

The advantage of social media marketing comes in large part from the opportunity it provides to reach people quickly. It will be hard for you to reach a large number of people if only one person is involved. Encourage employees to re-post and "like" the company posts, pages and links so that the maximum number of Facebook users are exposed to the content you are sharing.

Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in the latest social and technology trends. She is currently acting as a social media consultant for Vivint. Follow them on Twitter here.

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