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How to Drive More Likes to Your Facebook Fan Page

facebook-fan-pagesThe worldwide success of Facebook has prompted many of the companies to launch a Facebook campaign as an alternative to the search for customers by creating fan pages and groups for their brand, products or services. Brands treat Facebook as one of the key marketing tool for their upliftment and in order to market their products. This is all done to-increase their visibility, traffic and other social media exposure.

Fortunately there are many ways to get fans for your Facebook fan page. Here are some of the most successful ones:

1. Express yourself through photos

Every picture tells a story. A photo is something that helps to convey a message quickly and easily. It is important that you make an effort to put an appropriate text for the photo. Images of the product catalog of your company creates more engagement than other content.

2. Focus on other fields

I am pretty sure that you do not release a product or are mentioned in news every single day. It is only once in a month or fortnightly that you get to post something about your brand. Otherwise the fan page would be without any activity. This is when you can focus on other aspects of the web. This is required to keep your fan page involved with your fans. One post per day would do. ‘Other aspects of the web' includes news on festivals, latest technology, concerts, world news, important events or in simple words-everything that has to do with today. It may not contain the essence of the product or the company, but are perceived as more personal and accepted, rather than promotions.

3. Unique Branding

Promote your brand and the products in a unique manner. It's important that you take the untrodden path at times. You have to look beyond the tried and trusted ways. You never know, it might turn out to be magical. People often visit the walls of brand pages they are interested hence when a customer visits your Facebook page, they should have a good impression of your brand and products / services

4. Conduct contests, giveaways and sweepstakes

Put up special offers and deals such that only the fans of your page can be benefited. There are apps that facilitate you to filter the users who like your hence making it easy for you to provide the special offer only to them. Offers like these tend to make even the others to like your page. Conducting occasional giveaways is also a good way to keep your page running.

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5. Give life to your Fan Page

Be interactive with your audience. Conversations between a company and its fans is a must, be it a general discussion, product feedback or improvement suggestions. Your company should encourage dialogue with fans in the form of Likes, comments and user-generated content. A very active fan base leads to strong organic growth.

6. Humor is a great medicine

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Put up posts that contain an element of laughter in it and are humorous as these posts will receive a high number of “likes” and will be shared by the fan.

7. Humanize your brand

Inject emotions. It is important that you use the “human” part of social media in the right way. The community tends to get attracted to objects that express human emotions through video, images or real-time status and stuff that are more personal. To share a channel containing emotions helps you to connect with the community and they share those emotions with their network.

8. Education

Create informative content. The brands that share useful content to your audience receive more exposure and engagement-more “likes”-especially the information that can be profitable for the fan. This education could include the history of the company, the product creation process or the state of the market. When fans interact based on such content, they are educating themselves helping them to improve themselves.

9. Ask to be “liked"

"Ask and you shall receive". It is simple. But do it polite and a funny way. Do not pounce on the users forcing them to like your page. Otherwise, it will be a situation similar to the quote-The remedy is worse than the disease

Some of the commons methods to obtain likes are:

  • Invite your friends and acquaintances to like the page
  • Start an advertising campaign ( the surest way to get clicks)
  • Incorporating a Like button on your website
  • Put up your Facebook fan page icon on your newsletter
  • Start a blog and tell your readers find you on Facebook
  • Use other social media to announce your Facebook fan page
  • Use QR codes for linking users to your Facebook page
  • Ask all employees of your company to put a link to the Facebook page in their email signature

Facebook like

If you have a website built with WordPress platform, here are some of the plugins that can be handy:

1. Facebook Lightbox Popup

This plugin allows you to bring up a pop-up window on top of your content. Inside the window is a customizable message encouraging visitors to become fans of your Facebook page. If they do not want, they can close the window or wait a few seconds before you can access your website.


2. wpLike2Get

This plugin allows you to force your visitors to become fans of your Facebook page or send a tweet before they can download any of your files. This is a very effective solution if you offer free content to your visitors. For them it is relatively restrictive as they can benefit from your free content.


3. Social Content Locker

This plugin works such that the visitor should like your page to be able to see the contents (or part of the content). For example, you can easily set up a site where you offer some content exclusively for visitors who recommend your site to their friends.


This article has been written by Nikhil Naik, an engineering student and a part blogger on

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