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How To Generate Followers on Social Networks

social-networksOne of the main problems when they start their business strategies in social networks is that of how to get followers? Many experts will tell you how many followers do not care, others will tell you that the number is indispensable … well I will say that both ..

If a company has a large number of followers on Twitter, but Facebook is poor, or if the images on account of Instagram seen an exponential increase in “likes”, but no external links, it may be a good idea implement a marketing campaign to spread across multiple platforms.

Some followers, for example, can use Twitter just for news and weather are taken to follow the links to connect the account published on the website business. And with a limit of 140 characters on Twitter, it may be difficult to provide concise information when a company has a newsworthy event. In this case, it would be also create a Facebook account to reach those who simply do not have a Twitter. Put a photo on Instagram and Pinterest reach a wider audience of potential customers, which increases the odds of winning new customers.

Now I will explain the social media strategy involves four basic stages: a) Release, b) Management c) Optimization d) ROI Now we will explain in detail in another post. Now what I want to tell you is that in the first phase, launch, one of the main objectives is to generate public, get followers. Here we will take care of the quality of them, but a loose or demanding form as we need to generate a good image of our profiles and the number of followers certainly talk about how interesting or not our brand. People who contact you first social networking, knows you just start your work on it and thus leaves the number of people who follow you to somehow generate know how much impact. Social media marketing company like Devumi is a great one for your social network promotion.

So, at this early stage I agree with the experts who say how important to have many followers. You should also keep in mind that the more you have the more likely you post in the network.

When we reached the second stage of your social media strategy: management, the number of followers as such becomes unimportant, resulting longer relevant at this stage is the quality of them, are you really target market.

Here I agree with the experts who claim that quality is more important than quantity. From useless to have 35,000 followers on Twitter if they are kids from 15-18 years old and you are what you sell maternity clothes, ok? If you want to get the social network promotion service check the social proof of the service providing company.

I leave some recommendations that can be used in Phase 1 (Launch) of its Strategy for Social Networks to achieve get followers:


  • Search profiles you care to follow you and follow them.
  • Connect your Twitter profile to your website.
  • Search for opinion leaders in your industry and follows people who follow them.
  • If you wish to keep people from certain geographical segment, you look them up using geo location tools or directly from Google.
  • Use #hashtag with keywords that occupy your market.
  • Interact with your followers
  • RT gives people you follow (worthwhile content)
  • Mingle in communities across #hashtag
  • Create a community on a specific issue and put a #hashtag invite them!!


  • Invite your contacts to your personal profile
  • Use Facebook Ads
  • Connect your Facebook profile to your website
  • Use keywords in your posts, such as the Notes.
  • Make competitions, are one of the best tools.
  • Post good content.
  • Invite your audience to other social networks to join this network
  • Post integrates content in a pleasant mood on your line of business
  • Uses video as much as you can on this network
  • Encourages conversation
  • Invite to follow you on Facebook in your Blog and your email marketing campaigns
  • Includes comments from Facebook on your website
  • Take advantage of new applications.


  • Invite connect all your contacts from university, company or school
  • Use the tool “Search” to find people and you go sending Linkedin recommendations based on what programes.
  • Check the contacts of your contacts and invites you interested.
  • Keep your profile updated and dynamic.
  • Join groups and participate in discussions and forums
  • Answer questions about your area of ​​expertise

Although what will define your community will not be the number of people who follow you, but the quality of them, the reality is that the more people you follow are more likely to get your message further.

If you have any questions, please ask below!