Facebook Live from Desktop: Necessary Things That You Should Know

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If you are looking for better and improved ways to use live video in order to connect with your customers and even host an on screen walk through, then it is time you consider using Facebook Live as it opens up new marketing possibilities for your business and offers you a chance to do something great so easily.

This is something new for people who have not done it before and they must focus on the task in order to do it the right way. This article guides you step by step about Facebook Live from your desktop and provides all the necessary information about things you should know.

First things first – Install OBS Studio

OBS is a free of cost software that is used by people who want to live stream on the internet. It offers them a chance to selectively share applications on their desktop and create a video for live streaming.
Once you have downloaded the OBS studio, install the program and check out that it working properly so that you can begin with your Facebook Live.

After you get it installed, it is easy to begin and the best thing about it is that is compatible with all the operating systems.

Next is setting up your scene

Setting up your scene is very important because you want to show a good background and proper backdrop to the audience instead of some shabby and depilated place that leaves them unimpressed.

OBS also offers you the option to control the screens shown, their sizes, the audio shared, and much more. There are tools like scenes, sources and mixer and you can use them all to present the right picture to the audience.

Here are some guidelines for studio scene setup

• There are setting and broadcast tools available on the right side that can help you switch between scenes and decide what you want to show to the audience.
• You can source to the scene such as a microphone, webcam, and browser window; there is a + button in the source box that helps to add a new source
• Add a window capture to your source and there will be a popup box and you will be asked which window you want to share
• Choose the default settings for the window capture source and OBS will ask you to pick a window you want to share and you must choose the browse and leave the cursor on so that you can also communicate with people during the stream
• Then there are steps to add the website and you can do it by clicking on the + button and choosing video capture device
• There are also options for you to customize your webcam settings and you can scroll down to view all of them
• The last step is to add the microphone by click on the +button and you will be able to select audio input capture and start your live feed

Optimizing OBS settings for effective Facebook Live

you must know that you should review the required Facebook live settings inside OBS case Facebook live has limited video output settings and if your stream is too high quality, it will not be accepted by Facebook you must keep a check on how things are going.

facebook live

You must make sure that the Video Bitrate is at or below 2500 by clicking on the settings button in the bottom right hand corner. The format should be mp4 and set your output resolution and FPS i.e. frame per second to no more than 1280 x 720 and 30 respectively.

Now you are ready to start your Facebook Live stream.

There is a lot that you need to learn and remember when you are trying to use Facebook live from desktop and connect with your consumers the best possible way. There will be many things that you will be doing for the first time but this is the learning process and you will learn as you do them.

Here are some necessary things that you need to know about Facebook Live from desktop:

• Make sure that you are promoting your broadcast before you actually go live because you will want the audience to know what you are doing, why you are doing and how it will benefit them. If your live video is important enough, you can also boost it by posting ads on Facebook or other social media networks to get maximum exposure as it will get a great way to get more people to see you and promote your cause.
• Prepare and practice before actually going live because you will need some preparation to make sure that viewers will be able to see and hear you rightly without any technical failure
• Set up your location and make sure you have the material in your hand or you remember it well so that you are able to communicate with your audience the best way.
• Make sure that your cell phone is either switched off or it is mute so that there are not distractions during the live broadcast and it is not disturbed as it can create a very bad impression on the audience.
• It is best to practice and come up with a video that helps you check out that everything is working fine and that you will be able to Facebook Live from desktop without any problem

Make sure you keep an eye on things and see how well they are going or what aspects need improve because this is a big step for your business that can make it or break it. You are doing this in order to benefit you and you must work hard to ensure things go smoothly and you achieve the desired results.

Facebook Live from desktop is not as tough as it might seem and you can do a good job with a little practice and learning. Use this feature to connect with your consumers and do better among all your competitors.

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