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6 Ways to Increasing Your Post Outreach on Facebook

Facebook Post Outreach

Do you use Facebook for marketing? Well, if you do, you would certainly want a better outreach for your Facebook posts. By using a few simple tips that are covered in this article, you can achieve better results for your marketing campaign on Facebook.

  1. Create a Road Map for Posting

There are a lot of businesses who start posting on Facebook without any plan. What happens, as a result, is that the posts they publish on their wall hardly end up meeting the requirements of the audience. This is why, to increase your post outreach, you need to create a roadmap for the posts covering different topics.

For instance, if your business is in the health and fitness niche, you can cover information on the fitness tips, healthy recipes, and weight loss topics etc. Extending to more similar topics would help you to add more variety to your audience.

Always decide the topics that you would post on the Facebook page. After, you have finalized the topics, the next thing you need to do is to create the posting calendar. With the help of the calendar map, you would be able to know the topic that you are required to post each day.

Also, having a posting schedule would provide you enough time in building the social media images for your post. As a rule of thumb, you can create a content calendar for a week in advance to scheduling your posts, getting flexibility for keeping up with the timely topics.

  1. Write Texts for Skim Readers

Instead of discussing the Facebook post length, you can consider the average attention span of users. According to scientists, humans have an attention span of 8 seconds, 1 second less than that of a goldfish.

When it comes to Facebook, the first few words are the most important, as they grab the users' attention. In order to create an attractive Facebook update, you can also use a tool such as Co schedules headline analyzer. You can enter the copy of your post in the text box and let the tool offer you different options for improving your update.

  1. Analyze and Optimize the Written and Visual Content

There are 4 types of content that you can post on Facebook: such as, videos, images, text updates and links. According to the study of Social bakers, the video is the most engaging form of content, followed by text updates, links, and images.

But before you choose the content type, take all the time you need to analyze your targeted audience. For example, if you are looking to drive traffic to your blog, the link format of the content would work best for you. However, if you are looking to create brand awareness, then images and the videos are your best bet.

If you want the users to click on a certain link in the description and you have included an image with a link, after analyzing it, you would find that majority of the clicks would come from the image itself and just a few from the link, but this is opposite to what you wanted. This is why; you need to check your analytics first for being able to choose the right content types.

  1. Using Brand Hashtags

Always use hashtags while posting on Facebook, for the trending topics. However, a Buffer study shows that the posts without the hashtags also perform quite well on the Facebook. But, before dropping the idea of using hashtags altogether, you can always test them for your campaign. Brand hashtags may work very well for contributing to your brand positioning.

  1. Adding Your Own Description to the Facebook Posts

When posting a link on Facebook, instead of posting the description that is fetched for it by Facebook, you can change it to add your keywords, as the Facebook posts have also become searchable on the search engines. This can really help in increasing the outreach of your posts on Facebook.

  1. Test Your Post Publishing Times

There are some Facebook managers who don't bother about the post timings and days and publish everything as soon as it's ready. However, this is not the right strategy. As according to Hubspot article, you must publish on Thursday and Friday as these are the best posting days. Also, you need to avoid posting on Mondays and Wednesdays, as these are the worst post days. However, you can always experiment on your own to find the suitable days and timings for posting the content.

This is why; always keep an eye out for the analytics. You can also use Bitly and tools like Facebook Insights if you don't want to invest time in its analytics.

Facebook has got more than 1.44 billion monthly active users. You can gain tremendous attention on Facebook if you choose to market your Facebook posts through a right strategy.

If you have any questions, please ask below!