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5 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Use

Social media is the new face of online marketing and it has now become mandatory for every brand to have a presence on social media to maintain its market reputation. It is not only important to be active on social media but what’s more important is to engage with your audience on social media platforms. Once you have decided to start your online marketing campaign on social media, you will need to constantly improve and that would require you to monitor your activities. There are strong marketing tools available for social media monitoring and here is a list of great tools for your needs.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best tools available right now for monitoring your social media campaigns and moderating your content to engage a larger audience. It is very popular among growing brands and the best part is that you can also try it for free for a month. You can track your activity among various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, WordPress and a few more. You can schedule posts over multiple platforms and gain insights on how your content is performing. One of its most recent developments includes tracking YouTube growth which will let your brand grow with more video engagement.

2. Keyhole

It is a known fact that visual content garners more audience compared to its written counterpart. That’s one of the reasons Instagram has been growing at a fast rate and the focus shift has been shifting from trending posts to trending hashtags. Keyhole is one such software that analyses activity on Twitter and Instagram and also tracks the accountability of keywords, hashtags and usernames. You can compare real time trends all around the world and match it with your marketing strategies to align with the competition. You can also look up at the growth statistics of hashtags to lay out your predictions for your campaign.

3. TweetReach

The content marketing industry has seen an uprise in the past few years and brands have started to realise how important good content is for not only attracting more customers but by engaging the already existing customers with beneficial and quality content. That includes the 140 characters, which is popularly known as a tweet. TweetReach is all about the ‘twitterazis’ and to make it count, it provides complete analytics on just how your tweets are performing but also about which of your followers get the most retweets. You can try and concentrate on those followers a tad bit more than others.

4. Synthesio

Social media was introduced almost a decade ago with an aim to connect people. The purpose of social media today is much bigger today and it’s a platform for marketers to understand their audience and take better business decisions. Synthesio is one such software which will help you with the market research paradigm of your brand by letting you view multiple mention streams at once and listen to them simultaneously to take better-informed decisions which are suitable and appropriate for your customers.

5. Reputology

Feedback is what shapes or breaks a band. Good feedbacks take you a notch higher while the bad ones blow a hit. What’s more important is, good or bad, you have to acknowledge the reviews you get and take action to make things better. Reputology understands the maintaining a brand reputation is important and therefore lets you track and monitor reviews of your brands across all major reviewing platforms. If you are looking for some place that review monitoring apps, head right away. You can then respond quickly to them and make sure their grievances are looked after. You can win a customer back this way and also get a good word out in the market.

These tools are very powerful for shaping your social media campaigns to a successful one. Power of the internet is immense and if used in the right direction, there is no better marketing place than this. However, you need to be patient. Like the great saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, your brand will also take its time to reach the place you desire.

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