Why You Should Use A Language Translation Service Over Machines

Whether it’s something as simple as asking your smartphone to call a friend or as complex as having your car automatically maneuver itself into a tight parking space, automation is everywhere. While this type of technology is developed to make life easier, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always the best option.

This is certainly the case where translations are concerned. Just as your voice-activated smartphone could dial the wrong person, a few things can go wrong with machine translations. But, unlike merely dialing a wrong number, small mistakes in translations can have huge consequences.

Here are some reasons why a professional language translation service is better than a machine translation.

Provide Greater Accuracy

In some cases, machine translation software can get the job done quickly, even instantly. However, they can sometimes need to catch up where accuracy is concerned. This is because machine translations aren’t advanced enough to fully acknowledge the subtleties and nuances of certain languages, mainly where regional variations are concerned. The same can also be said of certain technical terms, which can be a nightmare if you need to use industry-specific phrases.

Using a professional service helps to overcome these obstacles, as human translators are used. These language professionals are native speakers, and the most reliable translation services will use translators who are also seasoned writers with industry experience. This helps to ensure 100% accuracy and also means your translation has the right tone of voice, which is essential to make sure your materials resonate with the right audience.

Capture Your Audience’s Interest

Resonating with the right audience not only involves accuracy and tone of voice, it means picking up on cultural nuances. If you’re looking to break into Spain, for instance, you may need to consider the linguistic differences used in the Catalan and Basque regions to make sure your translations really speak to those audiences. Although all will be able to speak ‘Spanish,’ simply catering to these differing dialects can really help with your brand’s image and reputation.

A professional service can also ensure that specific symbols and currencies are converted, as well as helping to make sure any images, humor, and colloquialisms are culturally appropriate.

Better Quality Control

Machine translations can offer a good compromise if you need something converted quickly, like when you need to get the first draft out of the door to help scope out design work or website wireframes.

But you should always supplement these initial efforts with a professional translator who can proofread, copy, and review it or do some quality control before it’s released to your customers and clients.

If you opt for 100% machine translation, you’ll be given one draft that you’ll either have to review yourself or pay for a professional to proofread. This can cost unnecessary time, money, or both.

When you use a professional service for your translation, they will proofread their work as soon as they finish the initial draft to make sure they’re translated everything accurately and the job meets the necessary standards. If there are any amendments to be made, a translation professional can go back and make them.

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