Kepard VPN: Online Anonymity at a Budget of your Pocket

dewdWith increasing number of Internet users, the number of hackers and the imminent threat from spy agencies is growing at a very rapid pace. The growing concern of privacy is at its peak in recent months.

VPN is a boon to the common masses to surf anonymously on Internet, without leaving a trace of your whereabouts. The question really arises as to which VPN service is perfect for you to use which truly gives complete anonymity and not just claims to.

After researching for over a month, and shortlisting top 3, Kepard VPN offers affordable pricing plans and features one cannot deny. Let's talk a few of its top features which will help us understand this VPN service.

Kepard VPN Features:

  • Compatibility:

With varied operating systems, Kepard VPN has covered them all. Kepard VPN supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 with a special application and Mac OS X with manual settings.

There is also a specially designed Android App which can be used directly to turn on and off with a single tap.

  • VPN Protocols:

Kepard VPN offers the flexibility to change protocols as per your networking needs. If you do not wish to use the default PPTP, then you can choose from OpenVPN TCP, L2TP and OpenVPN UDP which are one of the best and secure protocols in market.

  • Security and Privacy:

This is the key selling feature of this VPN service and a feature that should be focused on while buying a VPN service. Kepard will not log any of your surfing and networking data such as your real IP and websites you visit.

The networking encryption also goes all out with up to 265-bit encryption which is the most secured encryption protocol. Let me re-iterate. Security, Privacy and Protocols availability should be your key lookout while buying a VPN service.

  • Countries Supported:

Kepard offers countries like United States, Sweden, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and a couple more.


Now, don't interpret this wrong. This list of supported countries does not mean you cannot use Kepard VPN if you are not from these countries. This simply means that you will have the option of using IPs from any of these countries to fake your location.

You can change the country of your desire from Dashboard. You can change country of your IP address even when the Internet is running.

  • Pricing and Refunds:

For this level of encryption and privacy, one should wonder as to why Kepard offers it VPN service for this low price. For just $7 per month, you get access to high level network encryption, a new IP address and no storing of logs which will enhance your anonymity by 3 fold.

If you buy service for 3 months, you pay $5.66 per month and for 12 months, $2.9 per month. Super affordable!

You can also invite and refer friends to Kepard VPN. You get 30 days of free VPN usage and your friend gets 15 days of free usage!


But don't hop directly on it. Kepard also offers a FREE 1-day trial for you to explore the possibilities and surfing speeds with their servers. If you are satisfied, you can go ahead and purchase any of the above plans using PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Cards

  • Customer Support:

With a very responsive and quick customer support, they have you covered with any problems are you facing, with 24/7 customer service at your disposal.

Ball is in your court

Kepard VPN service looks like a complete package, with loaded features and affordable pricing at the same time. Visit Kepard VPN now to know more about its service.

If you have any questions, please ask below!