12 Content Writing Secrets of Professional Writers

In the heady and frantic world of marketing, a large number of professional content writers keep hitting the arcade every year. This is certainly a profession that requires artistic faculty but if you think that words will start flowing as soon as your fingers strike the keyboard, you can be terribly mistaken. Success in the field of content writing is definitely not an overnight thing but something that you need to perfect over a period of a long time. Learning from those who have already worked hard to thrive in the publishing world can be a wise thing to do here. Today, taking the words of the wise into consideration, we are bringing forth a guide to sustaining high-quality content.

Here are the 12 top content writing secrets that can help the writer inside you flourish:

1. Creative Eye

Following your passion is great but making a livelihood from it can definitely be the prime key to success, happiness and work satisfaction. If you are a storehouse of new ideas with a creative heart and playing with words is something that you truly enjoy, it is probably the stepping stone to drive anyone to the domain of professional writing. Without creativity and inspiration, writing professional content will be a medicine hard to swallow.

2. Deep Understanding of Target Audience

Understanding what you are writing and for whom is very important. In a scenario where everybody is fighting against time, engaging your target audience and keeping them engaged is a critical issue every writer has to struggle with to get better. For instance, if the readers you are pursuing, do not belong to a highly educated class, using tough vocabulary will not be the right thing. However, using those fancy words and an ostentatious writing style can instantly capture a high-class group of readers.

3. Maintaining Sharp Focus on Topic

The problem of deviating from the topic generally arises when a writer is working on long articles. But the people reading an article containing such a mismatched set of sub-headings will never be pleased or allured. Therefore it is a must for a professional writer to focus only on one topic, whether it is an edifying article or a stimulating blog.

4. Preparing Rough Drafts First

A content writer’s train of thoughts will start chugging as soon as he lays his eyes on a new project but before he can even start working on it, those priceless ideas will be long gone. Therefore experienced content writers always carry a small notepad to jot down points, as and when they strike their brain. Some writers also keep ‘sticky notes’ handy to put their thoughts into a defined chronology, so that a masterpiece can be created from them later.

5. Drafting an Impressive Introduction

They say, ‘first impression is the last impression’! The statement stands very true at a lot of fronts, including that of content writing. According to some of the most expert content writers in the market, even an average article can be uplifted with a power-packed introduction and title. They always keep it a point to start off with an impressive title and introductory paragraph so that their readers can be taken over in the very first blow.

6. Grammar Enthusiast

Every moment, getting out the perfect grammar and spellings can definitely be a herculean task. But when you are working as a professional writer, keeping up your grammar game is crucial. Also, you need to be as accurate as possible when it comes to spellings. Having spelling and grammar errors in your work can truly be a deal-breaker. Every practised content writer maintains the habit of typing meticulously and ensuring that these mistakes are averted.

7. Unique Flavour of Writing

If somebody is paying you to write about a particular topic, it is most likely that the subject is popular and a lot of competitors are going in the same direction. Researching and writing without bringing out any uniqueness can make your hard work worth of several hours, simply go to a waste. So, professional writers try their best to season their work with their signature flavour of writing, making it stand out from the work of others.

8. Comprehensive Research

Having an adequate knowhow of everything under the sun is just not possible, no matter howsoever experienced a writer is. Even if you are writing about a topic that you are well acquainted with, researching on it is essential to gain a clean-cut and fresh perspective. Plus, there can always be a whole new cluster of things you didn’t know about before. Therefore, thorough concept research is a point any writer will abide by.

9. Summing up in the Desired Length

Content, longer or shorter than the required, will make the readers lose interest instantly. In the digital world, online content has the most coverage and professional writers must follow certain methods to make their work noticeable to the search engines. Besides apposite back-lining and ample keyword usage, the length of a content piece is the biggest contributor to its google ranking.

10. Thorough Proofreading

While writing, there will be several instances when your erupting thought process can result in incomplete sentences or many other errors. Therefore, professional writers will never send their work to the next step in line before thoroughly proofreading it once or even multiple times. Proofreading is a powerful and unavoidable tool to omit careless mistakes. So much so, that some writers prefer to get their work proofread by other writers in their team, after their own editing.

11. Plagiarism Checking

As most writers write from the scratch for most of the topics, the question of plagiarism is ordinarily at bay. But there are several topics, like core technical ones, where the content writers really struggle to bring out a distinction in several phrases/parts; this can be troublesome at the later stages. Running a quick plagiarism check online is thus suggested to make you heartily sure of your work’s authenticity.

12. Taking Breaks for Rejuvenation

Unlike many other desk jobs, content writing requires oodles of concentration and an ongoing artistic current, which is hard to maintain for longer durations. When content writers feel sucked in an unproductive void, they usually take short breaks for rejuvenation. Whether listening to some soulful music or going for some fresh air, these short breaks are more or less an inseparable part of a content writer’s life.

It is only sensible to use the experience of other established writers for shedding off your inhibitions and carve a better wordsmith within yourself. So, if you are also an aspiring professional content writer, do not forget to keep these 12 points by heart and get ahead to ace the race.


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