UX hurting SEO: Wait for the worst to come

ux-vs-seo-awwwards-1This is simply an awakening news, the website design or user experience you had been spending a billionaire time in, might be hurting your SEO to some next level? Yes, your UX might be putting negative impact on SEO and thereby hindering the search ranking.

You need to believe that UX and SEO can land to a serious conflict because of their serious reasons.

What is UX?

The user experience or UX simply has to do with user’s response to your website and results so retrieved of user’s use from the many offerings of the website. UX is simply how users feel with your website and the experience he/she shares all through his journey to the website.

So, let’s find out 5 ways how UX might be hurting the SEO:

  1. UX takes people back to search results

In order to build the right kind of website design and landing pages, it comes to notice that your UX is taking the users back to the search results. This is what happens when many marketer’s effort goes to waste from a website with poor UX. Putting a lot of sign-up information in a single form will witness reductions in conversions in the near time. The reason could be your site didn’t provide a solution to the algorithm which is based on search query.

  1. Offering users too many choices:

As said by experts, giving users too many options is also a negative aspect on your SEO. While many may feel that offering users so many options is good for business, no you are on the wrong track. Do not overwhelm the audience with choices or they may shatter their choices and land to nothing.

  1. High emphasis on images:

The significance of image is paramount but do not superimpose image that the page shy way from being a text only page. Yes, the right content and image do wonders but if your UX is presenting only images without much of content then it is one waste to encounter. There need to be relative good amount of images and content to fulfil the need and attracting the customers.

  1. Do not fold the content:

Users like to seek knowledge and content imparts it proactively. This comes out making serious changes to the way users react. Your content in the website need not to be folded above and must serve the purpose, as users when scroll down are able to relate with it the content in the most productive way.

  1. Not aware how audience use website:

Experts believe that users are inclined in finding the simplest way out. After all, you sort one complexity who would like to get into another. This is the way interface must be helping user so they can cherish their experience on your website. As website designers ingest all the essentials, it must be on top priority to know how users are using the website and how they will hit the right notch with the website.


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