2017 Digital Marketing Nuances You Must Know

Digital marketing is all that makes your company stand out in the overcrowded web. It has the power to make you #1 in search engine rankings.

Digital marketing or online advertising is all about visibility and awareness. How your business – small or big will get many visitors and generate leads and sales? This can happen in three ways:

  1. Making your business come early in the search engine results.
  2. When it is recommended by a friend or someone else to people.
  3. When people already know about your company and go directly without trolling.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a broad new area of advertising that encapsulates a set of strategies to increase visitors to your website by focusing on the first item listed above by improving your search engine ranking. On the other hand, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a part of the larger SEO that increases your website visitors by working in all the three above items.

At the heart of SEO lies the content rather quality content that has the power, credibility, authority and exuberance that will engage the passive website visitors. Google’s new algorithms, “Panda” is valuing quality content that has authority, power, and credibility. This upholds the age-old adage that content is the king. Having scientific and interactive content written in such a way that it holds the nerves of the visitors and generates leads and sales. When you have such powerful content on your website you would have better Google rankings and a higher visitor count. According to founder and CEO of CopyBlogger, Brian Clark, one should not focus on creating a great blog but one should focus on creating a blog that is of great advantage for the readers and visitors. Seth price an expert in digital marketing in his upcoming book “Road to Recognition and host of the Craft of Marketing and Marketing Genius Podcasts” says that we need to humanize the digital marketing process. How to do that? For instances the content meant for a real estate business must focus on profiling buyers and/or sellers. The leads should be like:

“If you like the 20th century modern and productive, then you must like to live in this house”

“How first time buyers should shop for the home loan – here is a way”

“If you want to paint your imagination, first have a house”

The Internet is an evolving sphere and Digital Marketing business being based on it has become more an area of interest rather than a focus. It is evolving and transcending its scope and boundaries. It is difficult to subjectivise the Digital Marketing strategies and following them will make your company popular on search engines, say Google, is not supported empirically. Here are some tips to land in safe heaven:

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) means converting passive website visitors into active users that engage with your content or purchase your products or service. Hummingbird’ crawlers have attached greater significance to the quality and authentic content. Therefore, Five C’s may be very helpful in creating the content that Hummingbird loves; they are continuity, consistency, coherence, credibility, cross-checking of facts.

SEO and conversion rate importance

  • Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is a part of the larger set of the strategies involved in SEO. Here the focus is on improving the percentage of visitors to the website that becomes leads and customers.

Why optimize landing page for seo

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO): Heavy website traffic comes from the social networking sites (SNS) be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, etc. To increase website traffic and generate leads we must share links and quality content over such platforms. But indiscriminate link sharing could be counterproductive. You should direct links to your relevant social audience by sharing them on respective SNS and forums.
  • Depend on Discipline, not Inspiration: Calendaring your blog editorials and organizing your blog post is a matter of discipline and not inspiration. It is always better to guide your inspiration through your discipline.
  • Other: Attention must be paid to the following items:
  1. Keywords.
  2. Blog Titles
  3. Links.
  4. Anchor Text.
  5. Reputation.
  6. Page Layout Designs.
  7. Content Selection.


One Comment

  1. Thank you for making note of Social Media Optimization (SMO). While everyone recognizes the value of the traffic and potential lift to company visibility, it is often overlooked how these social signals can be an added boon to rankings. (Even if google presently makes little mention of this)

    There are many excellent strategies in SEO that employ social profiles. That aside, it is also of great value to the business to build a social fortress of sorts… simply by commandeering a variety of profiles under their business name even if they do not have a full-scale posting regime planned for it.

    Doing this helps prevent any average Joe from creating a profile (whether it be on pinterest, twitter or whatever) and posting pictures of hotdogs and model cars when you specialize in roofing. The social fortress keeps your brand consitant and relevant to the niche that your actually represent, and this, in turn, is favoured by the search engines.


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