Four Trends that are Emerging as Top Guest Blogging Alternatives

guest-postingThe SEO industry has always resembled a game of cat and mouse. The only difference with this game is that it’s played by search engines and SEO professionals. The way it works is that whenever the SEO industry catches on to the latest search engine algorithms and ranking factors, the search engines’ respond with even harsher anti-SEO measures.

This is why one can never be too informed, when it comes to understanding the latest search engine optimization tactics. Take guest blogging, for example. In 2012 it was easy to rank your sites using nothing more than guest posts. However, ever since Google Panda started clamping down on guest blogging it’s become nearly impossible to gain traction with guest posts.

Coincidentally, I just attended an exclusive members-only SEO workshop that dealt with this very subject. During the workshop several tactics were revealed that are expected to replace guest blogging in the very near future.

Here are four guest blogging alternatives that are sure to catch on big, as guest blogging replacements, within the coming months.

Press Releases

Writing and publishing newsworthy press releases can do wonders for your website. Interestingly, the SEO benefits are very similar to the ones that guest blogging used to offer except you also get the added benefit of exposing your brand to people and publications that can drastically boost public awareness – as it relates to your brand.

Q & A Sites

Many in the SEO community tend to overlook the benefits that come with being active on the Q&A sites. These would be sites such as Quora and Yahoo answers. However, these aren’t the only ones. If you just search for them online you can find a ton more.

The reason you shouldn’t overlook the chance to answer questions on these sites is that 1) answering questions there can establish you as a subject matter expert on your topic and 2) if people like your answers, they will review you profile and may click through to your website.

Contests and Giveaways

If you offer any sort of products or services on your website, this strategy could be a good fit for you. The way it works is that you take a scaled down version of your offerings and offer that one product or service in a giveaway contest. You could even set it up so that in order to enter the contest your audience must spread the word for you.


Another trend that is quickly leaving a lasting mark upon the SEO and linkbuilding community is the publication of infographics. An infographic is a visual way of displaying complex data information.

Surely, if you’ve been online for the past year you’ve seen at least one of them. They are usually found on blogs or social networking sites and they look like really colorful online posters that use pictures, avatars, words and numbers to get complex messages across in a fun and creative way.

Once you’ve got your infographic all ready to go, all you have to do is publish it to your blog and any other social media channels and let others know that they are free to post it to their sites and profiles, so long as they give you credit.

Now that you are in possession of four little known but growing guest blogging alternatives, we hope that you put what you’ve learned to good use. Of course, if you have a question about anything share your question in the comment box below.

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