SEO Tips to Market Your Website

gdsthfAs the owner of a website, it’s your job to figure out how to market it so you can get new visitors and more exposure on a regular basis. Without a constant influx of new visitors, your website will remain stagnant and you’ll have a hard time growing your site to the level you hope to achieve.

There are plenty of people researching your niche on the Internet. Using search engine optimization to get your site in front of them is a great way to capture their attention. Combine that with special promotions, exciting events and other fun reasons to visit your site and you can grow traffic from the search engines to take your website to the next level.

With that said, let’s take a look at some powerful tips to make it easier than ever to market your online gaming site. If you use these tips to your advantage, you’ll see your website traffic steadily grow as more and more people continue to visit your home on the web.

Use Keyword Research to Find the Top Keywords before Writing Content

For some reason, website owners love to start pumping out content day after day without actually performing keyword research. This is a huge mistake because researching your keywords is the best way to dominate the search engines and it’s the only way to find out what your potential visitor base looks up when they search for keyword phrases in your niche.

Without knowing these exact terms, you will not know how to properly optimize your website. You will not know what keywords to add to your content, and ultimately this will make it a lot harder to get solid rankings in the search engines.

If you’re trying to get an SEO boost for online gaming websites, as an example, you’ll need to go to Google’s keyword planner and run a search on that keyword phrase. After you run this search, it will give you plenty of ideas for other top-notch gaming keywords very similar to your starting point.

After you’ve gathered this information, you can begin writing content around it. This is the perfect way to attain search engine rankings for the best keyword phrases related to your niche website. Take advantage of this opportunity sooner rather than later.

Popular SEO experts will tell you that building your content around the best keyword phrases in your niche is a great way to get more traffic to your site, which will ultimately result in more traffic and customers.

Perform Offpage Search Engine Optimization

What is off page search engine optimization? Well, the main way to perform off page SEO is to build backlinks to your homepage and online content. When you create valuable content and share it on the web, other similar sites will naturally link back to yours and this will help improve your search engine rankings.

Instead of waiting for other websites to naturally link back to your site, you want to intentionally go out and start creating your own backlinks. These links are going to act as signals to Google which will help you improve in the search engine rankings.

More often than not, your rankings will see even greater improvement if you get links from high domain authority sites. Plus, if these sites have thematic relevance in your gaming niche, the links will be even more powerful and they’ll act as a major signal to Google to begin boosting your site in the search engine results whether you have an online gaming website, a web based ecommerce store or a site in any other niche.

Kick Your Onpage SEO into High Gear

Onpage SEO is another effective part of the SEO process. It’s specifically designed to focus on website tasks that will help you get higher search engine rankings in Bing, Yahoo, Google, and all other top search engines online. By focusing on optimizing your content on the web, you can tweak it in a way that it will outrank your competition.

Google wants you to make these changes. They want you to create a better user experience. As you can imagine, they will richly reward you with high first page rankings if you play the game, optimize your content for the search engines, and design your site in a way so it creates a great user experience and keeps your visitors coming back for more.

One of the major goals of Onpage SEO is to get your website to run faster. No one expects it to be faster than YouTube or one of the other major social media sites. But you can tweak it so it’s quicker than your competitors. By making your site quicker than other websites in your niche, you’re giving Google what they want, you’re giving your visitors what they want, and you’re providing a great user experience which will ultimately result in higher website rankings.

There’s a technical side to Onpage optimization and optimizing your content is also a major component. We’ll take a look at the goals of both areas below.

Technical SEO

Your main reasons and ultimate goals for performing technical SEO include:

  • a speedier website
  • a mobile friendly website
  • easy to understand menu structure
  • fixing 404 error pages
  • verifying correct schema markup
  • a footer linking strategy
  • making sure your site is crawlable and not blocked with a robots.txt file

Content Optimization

Optimizing your content correctly is the backbone of Onpage SEO. Your areas of focus should include optimizing the following:

  • homepage title
  • service page titles
  • URL architecture
  • interlinking structure on your site
  • image text/alt text
  • verifying unique content
  • verifying correct page length
  • refresh your pages frequently with newer additional content
  • creating in-depth, long, valuable content as part of a cohesive blogging strategy

When you get your technical SEO and content optimization right, your search engine rankings will increase and you’ll really begin to see the benefits of this practice. Please use these SEO tips to effectively market your business’s website and get massive amounts of free traffic from the search engines.

If you have any questions, please ask below!