What are the reasons of Sudden Ranks Drops and how to recover from it

Anyone having operated a website for over a year must have gone through an experience of reduced traffic suddenly and the search ranking has also gone down. When Google support your website and sends more than 80% at that time it is very important to maintain and consolidate the position. Whenever there is a fall in the ranking we keep wondering what has gone wrong. Keep thinking did the website go down? Has the site got negative SEO? Did a change in the data or the spam filters deployed not work properly? There might be many causes of the sudden ranks drops, but what is important is to fix the problem as soon as it is diagnosed.

  1. Black Hat Techniquesblack-hat-SEO-techniques

There are techniques commonly known as Black Hat Techniques E.g. black hat links building: It is nothing but the usage of blogs which are on private blog networks or it may be some spammy backlinks for the purpose of quick pump and dump, they usually trigger and increase Penguin and link manual actions. Any keywords having spam properties and website which is unduly optimized will trigger and sensitize and over-optimized content will bring in the penalty on the basis of the content. In case the contents are found to be duplicate then they trigger the Panda.

The black hat techniques are known to have a list to solve. If you are having an idea with regards to Google penalties they are:- black, gray, or white hat. One has to work hard to understand the identification of black hat techniques, one has to check if he or she violets any law and also making decisions. In case you are found to be lucky Google will pay back your mail.

  1. Full of Advertisement or too many Advertisements


Google understands that the survival of the internet is based on the advertisements. But it is also true that too many advertisements spoil it too. Google is too strict to put a penalty in this regard and there is a set number of floating around advertisement that one can have on the website. There is a prescribed rule list and one can check AdWords for the same. Having more numbers of advertisements both self-created ads or out of context advertisements can bring in a penalty. The intrusion of ads in the form of pop-ups ads are not appreciated by Google and Google has started to penalize the same as well.

  1. Dynamic Scrutiny and Algorithmic Mechanism

Google adopts and keeps updating its dynamic algorithm for penalizing a site. There are numbers of reasons for which the ranking of the website can be brought down by Google.

If you get the update about your website’s ranking and you are wondering about the cause of the same go ahead and check the list of Google compendium updates. Find out the reason as per the updates and visit or some other aggregators of news. The analyses and update with any algorithms change and how it affects the websites. It is impossible to separate the increase and decrease of the ranking of the website.

  1. Cropping up of Multiple Errors

There might be multiple errors on your page that might crop up over a period of time. If so many errors started coming suddenly then it is an indication that there is something wrong on the site and in case it is happening gradually means that some critical issue has come and will eventually break down the website. The errors can be the very slow loading of the page, broken links or script or HMTL tagging or in other words, anything which hinders and hamper the process of loading of the page or makes the user experience a bitter one.

  1. Algorithmic or Manual Action Penalty


There can be two types of penalties. It can be categorized as algorithmic or the manual action penalty. You should use a tool to work out on your list of backlinks. The tools like Majestic SEO, Cognitive SEO, Moz, Google Search Console etc. they are free and paid options as well.

  1. Downtime of the Site

In case, you do not have a good or quality hosting of the site. The resources to reduce the redundancies from your website are very important and also responding to the queries posted. Google does not penalize up to a certain level of downtime as it is next to impossible to avoid.

Google’s automated system keep crawling the sites for checking their downtime for once or twice it just takes a note of it But if it is found to be for longer hours or days together then it is assumed that the website remains down the whole time and your website is removed on temporary basis and is not featured in the search results unless it is rectified.

  1. Compromised or Malicious Site Detection

If your site is found to have compromised or malicious site then with no surprise you are going to lose all traffic landing to your site overnight. Google starts showing the compromised and malicious site detection error.

  1. Redundant or the Robots.txt files

The Redundant or the Robots.txt file is prevalent and almost every site contains it. Even in the case, it is blank or without any content which makes the search engine face redundancy. One can check with the easiest way for the therobots.txt issue is by removing them from the backup.

  1. Algorithmic Penalty or the Penguin Penalty


Penguin is one of the methods which Google adopts to penalize websites having a poor quality of backlinks. It is an algorithmic method. It is difficult to diagnose as it does not serve as a penalty. It is a sort of an adjustment of websites ranking.

  1. Narrow Single Keyword Drops

It may so happen that your ranking has not got downgraded as a whole, but the ranking of one or the more keywords. It can either be because of reporting issue, as sometimes you may look for the monitoring of your website’s performance as a whole.

There may be the two main causes of keyword drop. It is altering the content if that has been removed or some editing. The probable cause may be the competition or the competitive content from a more established competitor can drive your ranking down to lower levels.

The probable solution to either of the problem is to create fresh, quality, and new content by targeting and use the same keyword to achieve and claim the lost ranking back.

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