The Importance of Back Linking for SEO

SEO processEnsuring the presence of good inbound links to a site is an important aspect of search engine optimization. This is because having good backlinks increases the value of a site in the eyes of search engines. While evaluating the links, search engines also take into consideration the quality of the sites from which the links originate.

Of the many jobs involved in search engine optimization, those that everyone seems to be aware of are keyword selection and content development - the king and queen of SEO. While these are definitely very important, back linking is also important for getting a good ranking for the site. Companies that provide SEO services always give a lot of importance to back linking. Search engine algorithms take into consideration several factors while evaluating a website and one of these is back link or an inbound link that comes to the site from another site. The presence of a hyperlink pointing to a site from another site is considered by search engines as a positive endorsement of that site. As such, when they are optimizing your site, search engine optimization provides make sure that the site is well-connected to other good sites through inbound links.

When a site has got well-written and informative content, it is not difficult to get backlinks, because such a site would naturally attract links from other sites. So getting good links is directly connected to content development, which is one of the primary jobs that search engine optimization services do while optimizing a site. Search engine bots are trained to value incoming links, so that a site with more numbers of incoming links is given preference in search engine results generated in response to net surfers' queries. However, all incoming links will not have the same value. To be considered as an effective endorsement, the link should come from a good site. So search engine optimization companies have to take into consideration two things while choosing sites to link to - one is that the sites should be fully relevant to the product or ideas contained in the site that is being optimized; second is that the sites themselves must have well-written, quality content.

The back linking process is often misused by unscrupulous search engine optimization services to hood wink search engines. This is done by a process known as link farming where a website or even a set of websites is created exclusively for the purpose of sending out links to another site to increase its link popularity. The sites created for link farming may not have any quality content and may not be in any way relevant to the contents of the site to which it is sending out links. The practice of link farming started as an underhand tactic by some search engine optimization service providers to appease Google's algorithm called PageRank, which gave importance to the number of inbound links to a site. But those in charge of developing search engine algorithms soon woke up to the trick. Algorithms were modified to evaluate the quality of the sites from which the inbounds links were originating.

Reliable search engine optimization services do not resort to techniques like link farming. Irrelevant links from low quality websites are no longer considered a positive endorsement by search engines. Search engines have mechanisms to unearth such tricks, and the sites that resort to such tricks are penalized. Good search engine optimization service providers will develop your site with such a perfect design and excellent contents that it will naturally attract links from sites that are successful and fully relevant to what your site is offering.

Sunil Punjabi is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD, MCTS) and has been involved with providing Microsoft Certification training, Web Design and Web Development, and is currently providing professional SEO services for top ranked clients in USA, UK, Australia, and India

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