SEO vs PPC : Which Provides better ROI Results?

SEO servicesAre you looking for the best suitable Search engine strategy for flourishing your business online? Then here is your solution, you should stop wandering around for more and more option, instead it’s better to stick to the best traffic boosting strategies for Marketing online i.e amongst Search engine Optimization and Pay per check. Now the next question in your mind will be how to figure out which is better among these two. In order to deal with this, it is not the strategy and its features but your own business industry and other features of your business which will help you understand your website’s requirements and accordingly choose among the two.

Let us first understand the difference between the two and then link it to the business categories:



Search Engine Optimisation is all about optimizing your website through great content and localizing your SEO in ale to improve your ranking on the search engine result page of various search engines like Google, Bing etc. Not only is this but it basically a source of attracting traffic absolutely free of cost from organic, editorial, natural and local search results. It affects the visibility of your websites amongst your competitors locally or nationally on the single page platform of search engines like Google or Bing.

PPC –Pay per click

Whereas pay per click helps you do the same optimizing of your website through specific targeted keywords but by a paid platform, where you will have to pay for each click which lands on your website. This helps you with certain clicks and more conversions at an early stage of your business.

Since you are well aware of the difference let us now understand which is a better option for your business?


Answer to this question totally depends on some major factors like:

  1. Budget:

If you are planning for a major Marketing budget then you can either use PPC as an online marketing strategy or otherwise you can also make use of both PPC and SEO. But if you are short with your marketing budget then you have to wait for the potential customers and rely on Search Engine optimization as your marketing strategy.

  1. Traffic potential

If you are one of the topmost SEO’s then you may manage the top ranking for your website with use of remarkable keywords, in that case SEO is best suited for you as you need not spend more money for clicks if you can manage it on your own for free of cost. But on the other hand if you think you are new to this world and not good at it due to insufficient knowledge then you should certainly go for Pay Per Click which will help you to understand this world of online marketing better at first then you may jump to SEO later if you want so.

  1. Conversion

If you are looking for more conversions than just getting more traffic then without any doubt you should opt for PPC as your strategy because it has a targeted audience which has more chance of getting converted than general search users just wandering out on internet.

The outcome of this analysis is that you should go with PPC first and then use SEO to flourish in online business.


If you have any questions, please ask below!