Announcing the Search Engine Ranking Factor Study for 2015

digital marketing services in USASearch engine ranking is a major factor that decides the fate of a website. Thus, each and every website owner tries to emphasize on SEO and wants that their website is ranked higher than the competitors. SEO professionals are quite handy in such situations and this is the reason why the market of SEO services is increasing at a rapid growth rate.Search engine rankings rely on a lot of factors. Not all the factors affect equally, some are more prominent while the others can be safely ignored. These factors need to be fully understood in order to optimize the websites as per the trends in order to ensure that the site being developed can fetch a better rank in the highly competitive digital market. We have compiled a list of the top factors that affect the search engine rankings by talking to professionals from all over the globe and also to firms providing digital marketing services in UAE, UK, USA and many other parts of the world.

Search Engine Ranking Factors for 2015: A brief overview

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the leading method by which a company improves their search engine results. However, none of the optimization strategies will work until and unless the factors that affect these rankings are known to us. The search for these factors is not easy as there are multiple factors that overlap and contradict each other whilst searching for search engine rankings.

Therefore, proper understanding of the factors affecting search engine rankings and the various areas covered under those factors is very important in order to analyze the ranking status and work for the betterment of a website. Here are some of the major factors that have an impact on the search engine factors in this year:

  • Domain level ranking features: These are the features related to the domain of the page. The website domain plays a great role and the presence of target keyword in the domain name and Meta tags help a lot. Moreover, the quantity and trust of links and the PageRank on the basis of domain are other factors enlisted under this category. The domain name must have the keyword or the established brand name in order to get searched more often and appear in the first page of the search engine results.
  • Page level ranking features: This category includes the trustworthiness of the links, the trust metrics and the quality of text in the website pages. Content is king and one must always ensure that the content on the website is relevant and optimized as per the keywords. The linking features also includes the backlinks present and the quality of the links that are present on the page. All the links, page elements and page content fall under this category and must be considered importantly as they give useful insights about the search engine rankings and how they are decided.
  • Keyword and Content Features: The content needs to be relevant and the on-page optimization of the keywords need to be done. Moreover, the relevance score of content is a great measure of ranking score and so is the algorithm scores of the quality and quantity of the content. All these features are very important for a better search engine ranking and a website owner must take care of all these features while developing each and every webpage. Keyword research is one way by which a person can improve upon the search engine rankings of a website.
  • Agnostic features at page kevel: These features include the readability of the website, the uniqueness of the content, the length of the content, the graphical markup, HTTPS, loading speed of the website page and structured data markup. All these features are important page attributes and they collectively contribute to the overall experience of the user on the site. Having a better website means that all these factors are properly optimized and this leads to better rankings. These coding factors are to be taken care of during the framework building and the lead website developer needs to make sure that the codes are being semantically written in order to get the bet SEO results from the websites.
  • Traffic Query and Engagement Data: The traffic data includes geographical data, clickstream data, usage signals, visitor traffic and engagement with the page/domain and the CTR of the queries. All this data provides insight on how the people are behaving with the website and which geography is more active on the site. All these factors help alleviate the search engine ranking of the website in that particular country whose people are more engaged with the site. A common example of this factor is Myntra as the site is displayed as number one search result for online apparel shopping in India and not in the US or any other country as Myntra does not have operations outside India.
  • Social Metrics: The number of shares, tweets, likes and Google +1s also help in determining the authenticity of a page. The quality of the links that are shared across the different social media platforms make sure that only the relevant links and pages are given higher preference and thus, social metrics play a vital role in defining the search engine ranking of a page. Social media is the best way to interact with the consumers and get direct feedback from them. Moreover, by the means of social media, organic advertisement of your brand can be done and all these activities ultimately result in the betterment of the search engine page ranks.
  • Brand Image: Brand metrics are another set of important variables that are to be considered. The offline use of the brand name, the browser data of site usage and the mentions of the brand in offline as well as online media affects the search engine popularity of the brand and helps in getting a better rank. Brand image works wonderful for the major offline brands which already have an established business outside the digital world and want to make their presence felt in the world of internet marketing too. Some of the brands include those of Allen Solly, Samsung, Dell and so on, whose offline brand imagery allowed them to get a better search engine page rank when it comes to their website being searched on Google or other search engines.

So, following these ranking trends while developing a website not only helps you in getting a better rank, but also to promote your site organically. Search engine ranking factors are important for each sphere of e-commerce development and in all the geographical locations too. Get in touch with your expert today and get the best insights on what the search engine ranking for your site be by analyzing and detailing all the sections and applying the general factors as mentioned above.

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