5 Important Search Ranking Factors You Must Pay Attention To

The most important thing to know when creating a website is Search Engine Ranking Factors or SEO Ranking Factors. These determine how high your website will go in search results and how popular it will be on the internet. Although there are more than 200 simple factors that make up the ranking scheme, the following article talks about five of the most important ones and how they can be used effectively to give your website greater SEO optimization.

This post talks about the most important factors that affect SEO rankings of a website. This is a basic outline of the key SEO ranking factors to be kept in mind while designing websites:-

5 Important Search Ranking Factors You Must Pay Attention To

1. Have original content

The most important factor for a good ranking is having interesting, original content on your website. Copied content usually amounts to fake or thin content and can result in a lawsuit filed on you so you have to be very careful. Remove all fake content from your website and watch it climb the rankings.

2. Clear the ads from your webpage

Once the ads are cleared out from the webpage, especially near the top bar, they achieve a much better ranking. Google hits the pages with heavy ads at the top real hard. It appears that now their intent is to remove content from the world wide web that focuses solely on promotion and provides very little or no information at all.

3. Social Media Influences

Facebook and Twitter are heavy influencers towards rankings of a particular website, the likes and RT's obtained from these are as important as algorithm links in statistical studies of popularity of websites. The crowd is bigger on social media platforms than on any other area of virtual space. Websites have to give in to the pressures of social media influence and raise their popularity stakes on these alternative channels.

4. Smartphones and Mobiles

The world has been going increasingly mobile over the past half a decade. Several new technologies have been created for mobile systems, such as the Google Instant for iPhones and the Android based mobiles. Google took advantage of the increasingly rampant mobile internet users and released a solution before there was even a problem. Google Goggles increased in accuracy and sophistication to affect the mobile searches as well.

5. Speed of your website

This is a major contributor towards SEO ranking of any website. Google has made this factor the most important one while ranking a website since the year 2010. All websites ideally need to run at maximum efficiency. Reduce the use of videos as they slow down a websites performance. Use only optimal amounts of pictures and videos for better website loading speed.

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