Proven Community Strategies for Effective Content Marketing

Most large and small organizations that boast of strong and cohesive communities know the secret ingredient of their community strategy. This entity has nothing to do with community, but with content! To build an engaged community, it is vital that the focus is laid on the content.

These organizations know that there is an intention behind building a community. But, rather than outright focusing on selling products and services in their communities, these companies make sure they provide relevant and valuable content to their readers and prospects in their community.

If you grow a community only for the sake of your personal growth, it will sooner or later become a place where no one wants to be. Instead, focus on providing value to your members, and you will see a better conversion rate.

Content Calendar for Community

It is advisable to build a content calendar so that there is a consistency in conversations and exchanges in the community. This will help you plan and execute content strategies with expertise and flawlessness. And, will also ensure that your community is not dead for even a while.

You can include the themes and content types with consistency in your content calendar so that all content types are addressed to fuel each member into collaboration and conversation. In your content calendar, do not forget to free up some space for the user-generated content.

The conversations and exchanges in your community will also give birth to newer ideas around which you can create content to drive better collaboration. Identify your audience within your community and add call-to-actions in every piece of content that you publish.

Share Content for Higher Engagement

Make sure that you don’t stick to one platform to share your content. Spread it across social media, pass it on through newsletters and call on your team members to pass the content along. This will boost your reach within your audience.

For the content strategy for your community, talking relentlessly about yourself and your association does not work. What you need is a healthy balance between your traditional content pieces- press releases, promotions, etc., and the user-generated content like discussion threads, community news, blogging, etc.

A study by the New York Times Customer Insight Group tried to dig out the reason why people share content on the social media. Five significant reasons were derived out of the study-

  • To spread awareness amongst their acquaintances regarding a brand or an issue.
  • To share information that is valuable to them, or to entertain.
  • To boost self-fulfillment by feeling involved in their surroundings.
  • To establish meaningful relationships.
  • To define their personality as they discover it through a piece of content.

Most Common Mistakes Business Make in Creating Community Content

Mostly, companies want to create content that will help them spread brand awareness or one that will enhance their reach across the social media. But, the content designed to boost a community, or to establish it in its inception years is entirely different. When it comes to a community strategy, the content posted should be a reflection of the priorities of the whole community, rather being all about the ideas of your company solely.

Analyse how your community prefers to collaborate and exchange, and then do more of those things that are popular with your community. Testing and learning is an integral part of building a community that persists. You can ask members for their feedback directly, and learn from their opinions.

Highlight the naturally and organically popular and engaging topics and build several pieces of content around them. Involve your community members in the creation of content whenever possible. This will enhance the belonging of your members in your community.


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