5 Types of Content That Gets Shared Easily

Content-MarketingThere is no doubt about the fact that content rules the digital world. And to stand a chance among the information overload that has become the cyber age now, your content needs to have an extra edge above the rest.

The foremost goal of content marketing is to drive traffic to the website. This leads to conversion. For that, you would need to have a concrete content marketing strategy. And this includes producing the type of content that can go viral in a short time.

The following list is going to provide you with some ideas.

  1. How-to Guides

The long contents that explain how to do something have been popular since quite some time now. They are not just useful, but they also add value to your blog since readers are highly likely to share them among colleagues, friends and so on.

The how-to contents surface in long tail searches owing to their long tail query introduction. The best part is they are effective, they solve problems and they explain the various steps to arrive at the solution. Who wouldn't like that?

  1. Infographics

Everybody loves visuals. With the ever decreasing human attention span, it has become very important to leverage that to the marketers' advantage. And an infographic is a quick and easy way out.

An infographic is the perfect example of conveying had core data in an intriguing and bite-sized way. And the best part is, you can put in almost anything in an infographic, be it data, statistics, research, conclusions of studies and so on.

What more, its ability to hold together so much information in an interesting way makes it all the more shareable?

  1. Statistics

Statistics and facts always work. This is because there is always going to people looking for them. Statistics do not only breathe life into blog posts, but also make them more believable. This is why there is always a tendency for bloggers to scatter a few in the every content. And how do they come across these facts? It is of course, through the fact sheet you prepare. And that is why they are so popular.

Numbers fascinate people. For example, did you know that 40% of the $119 million selling advertising space generated by LinkedIn comprised content marketing? Compelling, right? You see, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

  1. Lists

People love lists. They are trendy, spontaneous, comprehensible, interesting and frequent. They don't just captivate us, they grab our attention and keep us glued till the end and make sure that we keep coming back for more.

For example, this very article is a list. And chances are you already have or are going to encounter quite a few more through the course of the day.

Lists give you ample freedom while boosting your traffic. You can list positive things, negative things or just about anything that catches your frenzy and you feel should be shared with your readers. You can never go wrong with lists.

  1. Case Study

Case studies are true gems in content marketing. They score brownie points because they are real and people can identify most with them. A case study done right can dignify hope with evidence. For that, your approach needs to be absolutely perfect.

You would need to explain clearly to your readers the reason, the circumstances and the result of the case study in simple words so that they can connect with them. Make it a success story. Everybody loves that.

If you are still unsure about your content marketing strategy, you can always take help from a content marketing agency to solve the problems for you.

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