How to Write Shareable Content in 2019

If you are a content marketer or your concern is to deal with online marketing of a certain form of content, you know the struggle of making a piece of work up to the mark. It is a complete job to make something acceptable, likable and then appreciable to the extent that someone shares it on their personal social media platform. For years, we have been reading articles and books about the ways one can improve their skills in online marketing. But every time one master a specific way of improving their skills, Google brings updates that change the entire framework of your strategy which is why you always have to keep yourself updated and upgraded with respect to the latest trends that come in this field.

With that being said, nothing is more important to you than your content that goes up on your website because it is what decides the repute of your business. If you know the tactics to float your work around the internet, you can truly be the king of the corporate world. Here are a few things that will help you become the master of your field:


When we said that you need to learn what trends have come in the field of online marketing, we actually meant that should be aware of the tactics your competitors are using to keep their content on high ranks. These sneaky acts could really be useful in bringing attention from the audience because these are the tactics that have clearly worked in the eyes of the users. Look keenly why they are liked, draw a comparative analysis and make new strategies once you are done analyzing. You should keep doing this until you reach the point where you get a similar range of viewership. You can add a few more details later once you are successful at reaching a reputable point. That’s called experimentation. Don’t experiment when you are at the earlier stages of establishing your business. First, learn from experts.

Engaging Content

What keeps a reader hooked to their screens? Quality content. To describe what quality content is, you need to know what has worked the best in history. Records have shown that people like to read content written in a conversational tone. The reason is only that it makes the content more related to the audience which is why everyone feels more inclined towards knowing what happens till the end. You have to tell a story so that people are intrigued to know how things go until the end. It is mostly because the emotional touch to your content brings more connection from the audience. When they come on the internet, they do not expect to do thorough research on a subject. They expect ease and convenience in the exploration of their object of desire. If you make things difficult by speaking in a language hard for them to decipher, there is a chance they won’t respond well to your content. What you can do to make your content have a more appealing voice is by adding an intro, a clear middle point and an interesting end to it. People like to follow. Be clear on the subjects you think are important.

Be Realistic and Convincible

If you write facts in your content that seem overstated or misspoken, the visitor may lose interest at all in reading the rest of it. This process has to be manipulative in the sense that the reader is not distracted by second thought about your service. For example, if you begin your content with an extremely strong statement that may appear fake, the visitor might delude into not catching the tone of your content. If you are strategic at breaking a news, the reader will follow through. You have to speak their language in order to convince them you are their friend and are well aware of their sentiments and thoughts. Once you have them hooked and convinced, the next thing for you to do is to introduce your service that you believe they need and they do not know they lack. Reinforce their opinions and thoughts.

Know your Audience

Knowing the interests of your audience is the gateway to their attention. If your audience is some businessmen, you should address their concerns and needs. If your audience is fashion lovers, you should talk about the new Gucci bag that a certain celebrity wore to a show or party. If your audience is people in need of internet service, you talk about the Spectrum offers. If you beat around the bush way too much, you will not have a user willing to even stay on your site for longer than a minute, let alone the Google ranking that is affected in the consequence. Be precise and relevant.

Let Intrigue be the Ingredient

What makes the people intrigued, curious or suspicious? Controversies. They make up a juicy form of content that everyone loves to keep a check on every other day. Controversies surely involve a great risk of rejection by the audience because they thrive on two opposite poles by people of different sets of mind. All you want to do is convince them but you are not sure if your thought on the controversy would offend or please them. Our suggestion would be that you consider being standing neutral yet informative over a particular controversy so that it sparks the interest of your audience and the next day you wake up after publishing your content, you have a comment box full of multiple opinions that add in your thoughts as well. Ask questions in your content especially when you are plunging into sparking a debate on an issue so that people feel welcomed about being considered.

Add Offers and Giveaways

You definitely need to have good PR skills so that your content speaks to the audience from multiple outlets of media. You can offer free gifts or giveaways so that more people are interested in landing to your page and connecting with you. Such incentives make the connection with the audience more firm and friendly.

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