How to Create an Unique Educational Content to Get the Best Results


Creating a unique educational content is no mean feat. You need to input a lot of effort, organized planning and research to ensure that a 100% original and unique content is created that’s devoid of any factual error.

The path for digital marketers is as clear as daylight. To get good SEO results on Google, unique and original content are an absolute must. Search engines love fresh content. So if you want to boost up your SEO rankings, you have to feed them fresh and unique educational content to get the best results.

Here are a few tips that you can utilize to create fresh and unique educational contents.

  1. Your content must be original

If you want your content to go a long way on Google, you just have to make it 100% original in its entire frame from the top to the toe.

You must not resort to unscrupulous means to fool the system because if caught, you will be penalized severely by Google. Google has strict policies on these rules. Keep these things in mind.

DO NOT resort to means like rehashing or spinning content. You might think that those will easily get published on the internet because the tool promises you so. But no; the security is just temporary.

It’s just a matter of time before the Google algorithms get a sniff of that content and take them down without further ado. Be a little creative and you’ll definitely go a long way on Google.

  1. Strong and unique headlines

You should probably expect your educational content headline to be the only impression that you are going to leave on any prospective reader.


  • Around 80% of readers usually just read the headline of a content.
  • The rest 20% are expected to go through the rest of the content in greater detail.

So on basis of that statistics, I can easily say that the most significant part of your content is your headline because it’s the only thing capable of creating the maximum impression on your audience.

So take some time with your headlines. Come up with a few and choose the one you think is the best.

If the headline’s not attractive enough, your content is definitely going to go down the drain.

  1. Your content MUST answer questions which is the sole purpose of a search engine

What do people actually do on search engines? What’s the actual purpose of a search engine? The answer’s pretty simple. It’s sole task is to answer questions.

The best example is Google. Type anything on Google and you’ll see Google come up with millions of answers in the form of articles, images, news etc.

Try and incorporate this idea in your content. Here’s a simple example for you.

If you are reading this article you will know that this one is designed to answer exactly a question which is “how to write an educational content to get the best results.”

The headline’s a question that needs an answer. This rest of the article serve as the answer.

  1. Be accurate, credible and right to the point

Just imagine a scenario. Say, you designed an article for an institute and fact number 7 turned out to be wrong.

Human beings of course make mistakes but especially, in these cases minimize them to the best of your ability. To be on eh safer side cite credible sources in the article (either in the form of hyperlinks or put the links directly in a paragraph at the end of the article).

By doing that, you won’t be blamed a lot even if there’s a mistake in the article. That’s because the mistake is not entirely your fault. Your cites source must take a part of the blame as well.

  1. DO NOT be bland; be interactive

Don’t just come up with a bland piece of write up as if you are coming up with one that’s straight out of the textbook. That won’t get you the best results.

Interact with your readers. Ask them open-ended questions. Include a little bit of humor if possible. Remember more than thousand of articles are submitted each day. So if you want to be a standout, this can be your best bet.

To sum up, I would say be as engaging as possible and you’ll definitely get the best results. That’s all for now then. Hope you had a good read. Ciao!


If you have any questions, please ask below!