Tips to enhance YouTube subscribers and footfall

Video content is one of the integral elements of content marketing not just in the current year (2017) but it has been ever since digital marketing struck roots. And what better platform to market your content than YouTube.

This is one of the leading platforms that allow you to share videos, is ideal for video blogging, and above all help you to reach your target audience through video marketing.

In this write-up, let us find out how you can increase the number of followers (consequently prospective subscribers) through this medium.


Your prime marketing area

Reports suggest that YouTube with a visitor footfall that exceeds more than a billion every month, every video you upload undoubtedly has a huge potential to influence your viewers. So, here are the ways to draw more viewers for every YouTube video that you upload-

  • Plan your action and make a script

First and foremost, you have to decide what your YouTube channel will be all about. It is best in your interest as well as that of your video marketing objectives not to imitate what others have done. Try to offer something unique to your audience. There has to be a USP of the channel that you are planning to build. And for this, you need to write a script for the same that will enable you to plan and organize your stuff. As far as planning is concerned, pay heed to the following aspects-

  • The appropriate words that you intend to make use of
  • How you will connect better with your audience through actions in the video
  • Primary points that you need to emphasize on
  • Finally deciding upon the Call to action strategy.
  • Be regular with uploading

One of the main requisites of subscribers (not just for YouTube) but also for other channels is that they prefer to be part of or associated with a channel that updates content on a regular basis. The moment you fall behind on this aspect, you can expect your prospective subscribers or followers to move away to “greener pastures”.

  • Offer content that provides value

There are innumerable websites and videos out there that offer explanation and information about the same topic. As such, it is still more important for you to stand out from the rest by offering the best possible content, one that adds value and high-quality content. The mantra of success is to offer videos that no other channel is probably dealing with and even if they are doing so, you must have enough reason to get more traffic to your videos.

  • Engage your audience

One of the best ways to increase digital footfalls and increase the number of subscribers is to engage your audience with matter that will want them to come back for more. Aside from offering value as mentioned above, they should also find it interesting and entertaining and ought to have reason to visit your videos again and again.

  • Strong and compelling call to action

Unless you ask for it, you will not get it. You have to work out a strong call to action that will compel your audience to follow you or subscribe. To make it easier for them, show them how they can go about it In other words, you ask them what they must do; how they have to go about it, and most importantly, why do they have to do it. The last point is perhaps most difficult as you have to be convincing enough.

  • Use YouTube Widget

This holds true if you already own a website that is drawing considerable web traffic. If so, you can redirect your visitors to your video channel without much hassle and allow any visitor to navigate to your videos with a simple “click” action.

  • Using annotations

This is also one of the better ways to get more YouTube subscribers. If you can select the appropriate places or positions to put up the annotation, it can yield better results. In fact, you could use annotation in 2 unique ways, one that has already been mentioned above and that is to work out a strategically planned ‘call to action”, and the other one is to make use of so called “spotlight” annotation.

  • Entering into partnership with other video owners

With the provision of using “Featured Channels”, you can either ‘like’ or ‘recommend’ other videos. When the type of target audience is the same, this strategy can work wonders. In due course, you would see that you are getting visitors other than what you were getting all these days.

Remember, if you can create a strong base of YouTube subscribers, your half work is already done. This is because it eventually gives rise to so called “online community” that deals with the same niche.

If you have any questions, please ask below!