Online Banner Advertising Tips

banner-advertisingMaking an online banner and running an advertising campaign can be tricky, especially if you are new to it. To increase chances of your campaign being successful, there are a few tips you should bear in mind each time you post a web banner ad.

Target Your Banners

The internet is for everyone, and anyone who clicks on your banner ad costs you money in cost per click (CPC) advertising. That can only be a sound investment if the person clicking on your banner ad is a potential customer. Therefore, to increase chances of your investment being spent on the right people, you should target your market. Identify who your target market is, what their interests are, and which sites they normally visit. Once you have that information, post your banner ads on the sites your target clients are likely to visit.

Interactive Landing Page

The best way to keep a viewer's attention and earn his/her trust is to create an interactive landing page. This is the page the viewer will land on when they click on your web banner. One of the best ways to interact with the viewer is to offer a free service or recruit them into your mailing list. You could offer a free e-book, free newsletters, or discount coupons.

Appropriate Keyword

You can use various online services to find the most appropriate keywords your target market is likely to use when searching for services similar to yours. You can attach the keyword to your banner ad and you can also post the ad in paid adverts on the search engine result pages for your keyword.

Call to Action

Every banner ad should have a call to action, it is not just enough to tell your potential customers that you exist. Invite the viewer into your store using a call to action. Use compelling words such as "Free Trial" or "Click Here". Make that call to action demand for immediate reactions from your viewers. If the demand is not for immediate action, the viewer will forget all about it after moving on to other pages.

Test Your Ads

There are banner testing services such as Google's free Website Optimizer that allows you to test your banner ads and decide how many users clicked through your ad to your landing page. Such tests also reveal how many of the viewers who clicked on an ad ended up becoming leads and paying customers. If you are not satisfied with the results you get, tweak your banner ads or even post them to different websites to see if you will get a better result.

Honesty the Best Policy

If you use trickery and lies to get your target market to click on your banner and get to your landing page, you will just have done yourself a great disservice. The viewer will view you as untrustworthy and refuse to do any kind of business with you. Additionally, you will end up paying for these clicks that did not result in either leads or paying customers.

Banner advertising can be a very successful marketing tool if used properly. You can use various free banner maker tools to create effective banners too. Using all the above tips, it is very possible to run a successful campaign and grow your sales.

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