Steps to Master PPC Ads Campaigning for Online Marketing

rtgtyhtybHaving knack in the specific business field pays ‘nil’ today until promoted. Online marketing is seducing marketers intensely. It does not burn a hole in the pocket. Therefore, small businessmen to bigwigs love to invest in digital marketing.

If you are naïve to its basics, let I illustrate, specifically about the most benefitting PPC ads in this article.

PPC Ads?

Pay-Per-Click alias PPC is one of the most buzzing ad campaigns on the digital marketing platform. Reason for why is it so? It’s simple. Won’t you appreciate if you get more than invested? For sure, you would. This ad campaign illustrates the same principal.

It won’t be hypothetical if we say that the advertiser buys the clicks rather than earning them via PPC ads. Hundreds of leads go to advertiser’s account. And in return, the advertiser has to pay meager amount to Google.

In the nutshell, what goes debited from the advertiser’s account that gets credited to Google’s account. It’s actually a procedural cycle of Google Adwords. This cycle kick starts with bidding that is primed at winning the placement of ads. The targeted keyword would be stuffed into it. This targeted keyword, indeed, illustrates what I (the advertiser) offer.

You can check the search engine result page (SERPs) to catch on its ‘live’ example. Four hyperlinks at the top would appear just behind the fold of the SERPs and three just above the footer. Track the word ‘Ad’ prefixing the domain name of the landing page which helps you to identify it.

Before moving on to invest in it, go through a few helpful tips to craft your PPC campaign.

Online marketing strategies to master the art of PPC ads campaigning:

  1. Pick the right platform: The target audience is spread across various platforms, like search engine & social media channels. You need to swallow the bullets while picking up the right platform where your target audience flocks. And don’t assume for clean leap to thousands of leads in the beginning. It will scale up but within 1 to 3 months.

Let’s say you want to run a campaign for your placement agency. Since LinkedIn is the hub of professionals, it can be your best channel to target on.

On the contrary, if you choose Instagram or Twitter as your ad channel, your strategies of online marketing to promote your brand would fall flat. So, select your channel after intense brainstorming and research. Don’t go on hearsays.

It takes long time to come across in-depth directions of the channel. So, be it Google Adwords, FB, YouTube or Twitter, bear in your mind your target audience first.

  1. Perfect the art of choosing keywords & targeting strategies: Keyword selection is the dead serious topic. The entire online search circumambulates the keywords. If you have no idea to shortlist the contextual keywords, you can:
  • Put the related words in the SERPs which should resonate to the specific location. For example, “Best orthodontics in Gold Coast” or “Affordable Hotel in New York”. By specifying the location, you can create the most profitable keyword to target.
  • Go through the campaigns of your competitors. It will drop a number of ideal keywords suitable to your offerings.
  • Take clues from the SERPs where a list of keywords will be there ahead of footer.
  1. Mesh up keyword in ad: Once you are done with keyword and channel selection, turn to crafting a powerful ad. It must be fully optimized with:
  • Impactful header
  • Description with the touch-points of target audience
  • Place of ad
  • Call To Action
  • When it is to run
  • Target audience
  • Target interest

Keep in mind that the target audience is pretty much in front of you. The need is to magnetize them. And this wonder can happen through an influential ad. However, these seo strategies can enhance your adwords performance but for the separate channel, you have to optimize the ad first. What you can do is:

  • To observe the on-going ads of others on the chosen platform, like Youtube ads. And then, learn its guidelines & characteristics.
  • Rather than running an ad, try to pull the traffic through multiple ads.
  • Let the campaign run for 4 to 5 weeks.
  • After one or two weeks, the picture of most fruitful ads will be before you. Pick the best performers.
  • Now, target 2 or 3 demographics that can fit to the frame of your offerings.
  • Save the group or individuals clicking maximum on your ad to follow them up.
  1. Optimize your conversion funnel: A loop in your conversion funnel can spill bean on your all PPC ad efforts. A lead facilitates you with the traffic to upsell & cross sell. To create fat profit margin, optimize your conversion funnel.

Post choosing the source-platform let the leads enter into the conversion funnel. Then,

  • Land them on to the optimized content that has the pain-points and their solution.
  • Pop up an email widget with the assurance of safety and non-compulsion.
  • Store their contact details for targeting in the future.
  1. Catch on the performance: What the PPC ad has done during campaigning would be mentioned in its analytical report card. So, just go through its analytical tool. For example, if you run it on FB, it’s all reports get deposited in the Facebook Insight.

And if you want some advanced features, invest in an agile and reputed analytical tool.

If you have any questions, please ask below!