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Things to consider when implementing Adsense on your blog

AdsenseStarting the last years, folks are looking for more opportunities to earn money and some considered online businesses a way to go. Though earning online is not as easy as it seems, there are actually many possibilities to generate an additional income along with the monthly wage. Blogging, selling items online, filling surveys are just a few things that may be considered. In this article, we'll speak about the easiest way to make money online: Google Adsense.

Adsense is a service provided by Google allowing publishers and advertisers to interact through the platform. As publisher, you earn money by displaying targeted ads on your website; there are a variety of ad formats to choose from. Also, Adsense allows publishers to integrate the searching feature on the website by showing ads on the search results pages.

If you own a blog or a content-rich website, here are some of the basic things you must pay attention to when implementing the Adsense code.

  • No spun content or auto-blogging

Write original content, don't simply spun, copy or rewrite texts previously published at other sites. Quality content is the king.

  • Authoritative content

Make sure you are always writing quality and authoritative content on your pages; by doing so, not only you provide your visitor with a great online experience but you get the chance of targeting higher paying ads and accordingly, more revenue. Avoid writing topics about paraphernalia, pornography, buying and selling drugs or weapons as they are sensitive subjects according to the Adsense Terms of Service.

  • Clicking coercion

According to Google TOS you are not allowed to manipulate clicks by telling your visitors to do so or by other means hinting arrows, pointers or descriptive images. Stay away of such tactics or you are more likely to get pulled out of the Adsense program.

  • Never click your own ads

Though click fraud was a big problem not only for Adsense but for all advertising programs, in the last time more and more sophisticated techniques were implemented to prevent this phenomena. Google is very effective to ban people engaged in such activities so never try to click your own ads or involve others to do so. Getting caught is just a matter of time.

  • Traffic sources

While paid traffic is strictly prohibited under the Adsense terms of service, not only you get banned but there is a big risk of loosing the funds you hardly earned in account and no more payments are sent to you if caught using such strategies. Optimize your pages and try to drive as much organic or direct traffic as possible and never get engaged in bad practices or traffic exchange schemes. If you don't know how, you might hire a trustful SEO firm to optimize your pages and do this job for you.

All these being said, leave your mind free and happy writing!

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