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Barbie on Social Media


Barbie are the most successful dolls in the world. Barbie is currently a billion dollar brand. It caters to all, from a 3yr old to grown-ups. Barbie has evolved to become and represent a modern woman, she is everyone starting from an astronaut to a mother. Barbie’s continued success can be linked to its use of social media.

Barbie uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumbler, Pinterest and YouTube in the most appropriate manner. These sites are important contributors to the brand’s success.

Barbie on Facebook

To engage customers, Barbie has organized events on its Facebook page. Some like ‘Step into the Dream Closet in Australia‘, ‘I Can Be’ are to be mentioned. The timeline page talks about current going-ons in Barbie’s life.

A campaign was run on Facebook, where Ken courts Barbie online. It turned out to be a great social media marketing strategy for the brand.

Barbie on Pinterest

Barbie on Pinterest

It is very important to engage fans visually. Barbie understands this concept really well. This is the reason that they have various Barbie pictures on their Pinterest page. There are so many Barbie pictures on the page; my favorite is their ‘Bold and Beautiful Barbie’ campaign pictures. All pictures are visually appealing and informative.

Barbie on YouTube


Barbie does best with their YouTube page. It has 216,000+ subscribers and 228m+ views. There is an easy access to their other social media sites too. The videos can be accessed in multiple languages. Amongst all its videos, Barbie in the pink shoes catches my eye the most, which one is yours?

Barbie on Twitter

Barbie on Twitter

One can visit Barbie @BarbieStyle. Barbie has 160,000+ followers on Twitter. The page has lovely Barbie pictures and videos. It features favorites which have tweets from other users. @BarbieStyle also features current events. The recent which I saw was news on the premiere of ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’.

Barbie on Instagram

Barbie on Instagram

Instagram has loads of pictures related to Barbie. These pictures depict her life and make it easier to know what’s happening in her life. I find this page very attractive as they have all the pictures divided month wise. All Barbie fans can post pictures related to Barbie on it. This is how Instagram helps Barbie connect with their fans.

Barbie on Tumblr

Barbie has its Tumblr page, where fans posts multimedia and blogs. Barbie fans connect by viewing, liking, posting pictures and blogs. The quotes section of this page is my favorite. There are so many lovely quotes by Barbie which inspires me in some or the other way. Some to list are ‘She believed she could, so she did’ and ‘Beautiful in every way’.

Barbie on Foursquare

Barbie on FourSquare

On Foursquare, one can easily update check-ins. It can be Barbie’s Dreamhouse, her dream closet, her cafe or even while celebrating Ken at Christie’s Auction House. Foursquare has given a lot to Barbie. It gives Barbie 5,000+ followers.

Barbie Collector

Barbie Collector

The most remarkable activity done by Barbie is their Barbie Collector website. This is one platform where one can shop for all Barbie dolls. This includes from vintage to the latest dolls. There are fan clubs, which one can join. All the information related to the Barbie is mentioned here. I got to know about the store locations from this website of theirs. The website also gives styling accessories, apparels and so much more to their customers. I simply love their site; they have so much to offer. Did you go for Barbie shopping?

Summing Up

The Barbie brand management team clearly knows the importance of interacting with customers. Use of social media, gives them an edge over their competitors. Barbie is successfully creating word of mouth through her fans and creating a positive buzz.

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