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What to See when Visiting Ibiza

When you are big on traveling, sometimes it's difficult to choose the absolute perfect spot to vacation next. When you have a desire to see everything in the world, how do you pick just one place? One location that is sure to provide for a cultural, relaxing and adventurous experience like no other is Ibiza, a small island off the eastern coast of Spain. You get to experience the beautiful culture of Spain without the added tourist costs of staying in Spain's main hotspot locations. Here are five things you must be sure to do while you're visiting Ibiza in order to get the most out of your experience.

Explore the Caves


Because Ibiza is an island there are many promising caves alongside the ocean that are definitely worth going to see. Make a whole day trip or a partial day trip and schedule in theses amazingly beautiful caverns. The main cave in Ibiza is estimated to be one hundred thousand years old and is mostly fossilized, though deep in its heart there is still some dripping that goes on. Although it much smaller than many other caves, for a small fee you and your family can hike down inside and take a detailed look at the geological masterpiece.

Enjoy the Beaches


One of the obvious attractions to experience while spending time on the island is obviously beach time. There are tons and tons of different beaches throughout the whole island of Ibiza, so it is absolutely necessary to dedicate at least one day to beach relaxation and exploring. Some of the more popular and most populated beaches are Bora Bora, Cala Tarida and Ses Salines, but there are many other options if you would prefer something off the beaten path. Make time to collect sea shells, work on your tan and wade in the gorgeous blue waters.

Take Tours of Tows


There are both walking and driving tours of both of the main areas of the island—Old Town and Modern Town. You may choose to enter the rugged cobbled streets of Old Town via the historic draw bridge and explore the area's historical flair. There are multiple villages, a castle, and a beautiful historically baroque church called Iglesia de Santo Domingo which are all great options, as well as a variety of shops and art exhibits. Likewise you can take a tour of Modern Town, spending time in the local stores as well as searching for the perfect souvenir to bring home to your family.

Check out Historical Sites and Museums

ibiza castle

The island of Ibiza is an incredibly historically cultured area of Spain. Therefore there are a ton of great historical locations as well as a number of great museums that are fun for the entire family. There are tons of museums for a variety of unique topics such as art, architecture, geography, and history.

There are also a lot of historical sites. D'Alt Villa is a historical built wall and gated tunnel that is a very popular attraction in Ibiza. Other things to see include the Necròpolis del Puig des Molins (a bunch of old tombs), Sa Cova Wines (a private vineyard), Eivissa Cathedral, and Chapel Sant Ciriac.

Dine on Authentic Cuisine

ibiza at night

One thing you cannot go without trying while you're in Ibiza is the delicious authentic Spanish cuisine. There are a ton of local restaurants both downtown and alongside the beaches, in the form of cafes as well as elegant sit-and-be-served restaurants. Most countries do not do Spanish food justice, and so experiencing it at its finest quality firsthand can be an amazing food experience. There is also a wide variety of unique high quality seafood options to dine alongside the ocean that you can only get at the very best and most popular seaside restaurants.

As you can see, there are quite a few different things to be sure you do on your visit to Ibiza. On top of staying in villas in Ibiza instead of expensive hotels, be sure to do your fair share of exploring and checking out all of the local attractions. If you are going on vacation to Ibiza, Spain, then consider this list of things to do, and make it the most memorable experience of your life.

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