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The list of necessary Airbnb essentials

When preparing a home for rent, it is essential to equip it as conveniently as possible for tenants. Coziness is often built on the little things that make our life easier and more enjoyable, but we may not attach importance to them as we get used to such items. So we decided to put together a list of amenities that hosts can consider to make the best impression on their tenants and ultimately get the best rating on Airbnb.

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Necessary supplies by room type

Let’s break down the essentials depending on the room, starting from the kitchen. The kitchen can be called the heart of the home. Note that this room needs the most necessities, even for the short-term or vacation rental. The reason is you will not always be able to predict whether your guests will warm up ready-made meals or prefer to cook on their own.

Let’s consider both scenarios and decide what to stock due to the checklist:

  • Sharp knives
  • Cutting desks
  • Cutlery, glasses, and dishes for the maximum amount of guests
  • Pans
  • Pots
  • Oven Mitts
  • Pot Holders
  • Tea coffee
  • Sugar, salt, and spices
  • Cleaning supplies.

If your budget allows, you can also place a coffee machine and a microwave.

Moving to the bathroom, there are several specific amenities, for example, mats that will not let your guests slip and injure themselves. In addition, the bathroom should be equipped with essentials such as soap bars, towels, shampoo bottles or pouches, and toilet paper. To avoid plumbing issues, place trash cans near the toilet. A wall-hanging hair dryer near the mirror will be a friendly solution to comfort your guests taking their beauty routine. And don’t forget about the air freshener!

A living room may be the easiest one to make comfortable. A cozy sofa with cushions and a TV set is more than half the pass to success. You may want to fulfill it with the decor and plants, but be careful: for guests with pets and children and you as a host, beautiful but fragile things can cause an incident and problems.

Finally, the bedroom. It is difficult and straightforward to equip this room at the same time because you need to create comfort and not overdo it simultaneously. We advise you to hang thick, dark curtains so that the sun does not interfere with the rest of your guests. Bed linen is better to choose white or light colored – it is easier to wash thanks to bleach. Place lamps for reading and an alarm clock on bedside tables. What else can you add:

  • blankets and pillows
  • a trash can
  • bedclothes (to change)
  • hangers for clothes.

Items to ensure the safety of guests

Let’s talk separately about safety items. These are the necessities without which you, as a host, cannot confidently declare that your Airbnb property is safe.

First Aid kit

First aid kit contents may vary. Basically, it includes bandages, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic wipes, latex gloves, a thermometer, tweezers, and an antibiotic ointment. We suggest you regularly check the first aid kit’s contents and replenish stocks. Be sure to show your tenants the kit’s location.

Fire Extinguisher, smoke detectors, and alarms

A fire extinguisher in your Airbnb kitchen is a part of the standard safety equipment for your property, so we strongly recommend placing it. Also, install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas in your home if you use gas or oil heat or have an attached garage.


A safe may seem like a non-essential amenity. However, you don’t know which guests will stay at your property. Instruct them on how to use the safe and leave the printed instructions nearby. Place the safe itself in a hidden place.

Contacts of emergency services

Having a list of emergency contacts, such as the local fire or police department, is never a bad idea. Leave it at a visible spot, for instance, at the front door in the lobby, so your guest can use them anytime in need. You can also duplicate contacts in a personal message to your guests’ mail or messenger.

Necessary amenities by type of guest

If you initially decided to rent an apartment to a particular audience, we have prepared a list of amenities based on this principle.

Couples often plan active holidays. They are interested in local attractions and entertainment such as clubs, restaurants, and theatres. Make it easy for them and provide a list of places you recommend visiting and perhaps even certain bonus cards. It would also be a good gesture for you to have additions intended for home entertainment, such as a paid subscription to a live-streaming service and a bouquet.

You can help guests with children and prevent many accidents by getting your property childproofed. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Install covers on electrical outlets.
  • Place cushions on the corners of the furniture.
  • Set the max temperature of your water heater at about 120 degrees F.

Remember to list all available child-friendly amenities on your Airbnb profile to make preparation for trips literally easier for parents.

If the rules of living on your property do not prohibit settling with pets, it is worth considering what little things will be helpful for them too. Guests often bring their pet’s stuff, but a spare pair of bowls come in handy. Iron bowls that don’t break and are heavy enough not to be moved by a cat or dog will do. A scoop, cleaning supplies, and disposable gloves will also be utile in case of an emergency.

People with health conditions or impairments need specific equipment that may involve setting up ramps or making everything accessible for a wheelchair. Before you check in tenants with special needs, ask how you can equip the apartment specifically for them.

Business travelers will thank you for a comfortable workspace for laptops, with tees or extension cords at hand, because sometimes one outlet is not enough for full-fledged work. They will also appreciate you providing a clothing iron to prepare for business calls and online meetings.

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