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6 Memorable Ways to Document Your Travels

Now that you’ve added the word YOLO to your set of acquired vocabulary words, you probably cannot wait to use this as a hashtag for your next travel adventure. Poring over your most recent map prints collection, however, you might have realized that your brain can only store so much information. As you struggle to remember each travel detail, you fear that you might also lose the happy memories attached to it.

Apparently, to some people, recalling experiences from past out of the country explorations or visits to local destinations may prove to be tedious without a bit of a push from some cherished keepsakes. To make sure that your next vacation activities remain truly unforgettable, here are some memorable ways to help you document your travels:

  • Go back to the basics. People travel for all sorts of reasons. Whether you do it for fun, to widen your cultural exposure, or to take a well-deserved break with your family, nothing beats being able to jot down the things that happened daily during your much-needed vacation. Using a pen and paper or a travel notebook is perhaps the easiest (not to mention the least expensive) ways to describe and remember how much you enjoyed the day’s activity. Plus, if you’re into bullet journaling, you can use this as yet another excuse to tick-off another box in your detailed checklist or fill out your current mood in your mood tracker.
  • Get smart with your phone. Today’s phones are excellent products of innovation and technology. Gone are the days when you can only use them to make phone calls. These days, you can also take advantage of your smartphone’s various features to help you record and preserve travel memories. On your next trip, you can use your phone to record your voice as you describe how you are feeling at the exact moment that you board the plane. Better yet, if you don’t mind data roaming charges when you travel abroad, use your social media account to document every tourist destination you visit. Get creative and think of unique hashtags or upload them in one album, for faster compilation. You can also post on your Instagram stories or on IGTV to give your followers and friends an update on your whereabouts.
  • Bring out the paper trail. Opportunities to travel also present you with a chance to collect (and hoard) items made out of paper. Stuff such as postcards, museum tickets, theme park passes, and the like, all make great travel reminders. So do not worry if you cannot find where to exchange currency on your next travel, you can simply bring home and keep some of that leftover currency as your next memorabilia.
  • Click and keep. If you’re into travel photography, then you probably bring your favorite camera with you on almost every trip you make. Depending on the type of camera, you can document your travel itinerary and activities in several ways. Instax and other Polaroid cameras, for example, are great for instant photos that can later be used for scrapbooking. If you have the digital SLRs that produce high-quality photos and videos, then you can snap photos and record video clips during your trip. Later, you can use the pictures to create your very own photo book or put it up along with your map prints. The videos, on the other hand, can be combined to form one short-length film and edited with a catchy soundtrack to boot.
  • Tell it with technology. Your travels, whether they are local or abroad, will always be filled with your own stories to tell. If you are the type who can whip up a blog entry or two in one sitting, then you can also use your blogging platform as a sort of virtual reminder. If you prefer to do a recording, go ahead and upload a video blog (aka vlog) and take over YouTube. You do not need to own fancy video cameras as most smartphones now can do the trick, too.
  • Brush it out. If your strength is in the visual arts, you can also carry along your sketchpad and draw sceneries that caught your attention during your travels. Grab your paintbrush and illustrate the beauty that you witness in your journey. In fact, some travelers do not have to go far to find inspiration, as some artists have painted images that depict scenarios on the plane.

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