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Travel Gadgets You Need When Traveling Within the US

Travel-GadgetsIf you're planning a trip around the United States, check your bags! You've probably packed all of the necessities like clothing and toothpaste, but chances are you've forgotten a few very important gadgets. Though they're not necessities, they offer ultimate convenience and make travel much easier. Here are a few of the gadgets that you will want to bring along.

1. External Battery

We are our smartphones. And when battery power is low and there's no outlet in sight, it's like a caffeine addict without her morning coffee. But with a portable external battery, you can charge your smartphone up to two times to full capacity. That's literally all-day power.

2. A Backup Smartphone

What? Another smartphone to buy? Not really. Every two-three years, people upgrade and either discard, sell, or hand it down. Instead, keep your old model and make sure it's compatible with your network and sim card. So in case anything happens to your current smartphone, you can easily switch out the sim card and keep going. Just think of it as a portable camera that does calls and surfs the internet.

3. Cell Phone Amplifier

The cell amplifier is perhaps the most underrated travel gadget to bring. When on a road trip, especially in sparse areas, cell towers are few, so signals tend to be weak. With a car cell phone signal booster, you can boost your 3G and 4G without missing and dropping calls. A cell amplifier boosts your cell reception in these weak areas so you are never without a signal.

4. Noise Canceling Headphones

A pair of noise canceling headphones is a great item to have with you wherever you travel. They block external noises and enable you to enjoy peace and quiet whether you're on an airplane, inside of a restaurant or at another location.

5. Portable Speakers

Whether in the car or having a barbecue party by the beach, you probably don't want to rely on radio stations for entertainment. Instead use your phone's playlist and pair it to a bluetooth portable speaker and get everyone involved with some good music or entertaining podcasts.

Final Thoughts

Clothes? Check. Shoes. Check. Pocket Money. Double check. While you focus on bringing necessary items with you, don't forget the modern-day amenities for today's digital world. When you include the gadgets above in your suitcase, you can ensure that you have a worthwhile and meaningful trip with all of the conveniences you deserve. Don't leave home without them!

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