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The Advantage of Self-guided China Tours

Why restrict yourself to regimented group tours when you can take self-guided China tours? Self-guided tours are ideal if you want to avoid the structure of a group trip and enjoy free time to explore the destinations that interest you most.


One of the best ways to arrange self-guided tours is through a travel agent so that you can enjoy all the security of a pre-booked trip along with booked accommodation and transfers between destinations.

Self-guided China tours ensure you will indulge in a balance of free time to discover the places you really want to visit within your holiday period.


Beijing in particular is a fantastic destination to explore via self-guided China tours. There are so many attractions to see, and you can plan the route yourself to suite the period of time you spend in the city. If that sounds like your perfect way to explore a destination, be sure to check out the following sites:

  • The Subways

Beijing's metro network is the fastest you'll find and there are currently 14 subway lines in operation. Take a self-guided tour to discover this phenomenon.

  • Beijing Buildings

The ancient part of the city is a must-see. You can include the Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Hutong in your itinerary and take in the incredible architecture of this modern cosmopolitan city. Don't forget to include the modern buildings too such as Beijing Financial Street, National Grand Theatre, and The China Millennium Monument.

And More Independent China Tours


Two UNESCO World Heritage National Parks worth exploring during your self-guided trip are Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou. You can take a round trip flight from Chengdu and explore the area either on foot or by the hop-on-hop-off bus service. All you need is a guidebook and map to get around the fairy tale landscapes. Take your time to discover the waterfalls, amazing features and limestone terraces.

Both parks offer an extraordinary natural splendour complete snow-capped peaks, forested mountains, and majestic glaciers. The parks as especially famed for their limestone formations and crystalline pools that have been formed by calcite deposits. By exploring the area on self-guided China tours, you can take your time enjoying the mountain streams and beautiful lakes and waterfalls.

Walking Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing city to explore on foot and a self-guided tour will afford you the time to do so.

The heritage trail of Lung Yeuk Tau, translated to the Mountain of the Leaping Dragon, provides a picturesque journey into the history of the Tang clan, one of the largest clans in the New Territories. Tales have it that a dragon use be seen leaping into the mountains!

Ma Wat Waj village is also worth exploring if only to discover just how unfriendly the area was centuries ago. There's a gun platform that dates back to 1740 which is made of thick wrought iron. The village can be accessed by one narrow gate on the northwest side.

Lo Wai is also a good walking route and one of the highlights is the thick walls that can be accessed via a single narrow gateway. Both the gatehouse and walls have been preserved and are today Declared Monuments. In the gatehouse, there is a shrine to the Earth God and a gun platform overhead.

Whether you want to walk, fly, hike or simple enjoy the luxury of time that self-guided China tours offer, you can enjoy tailor-made itineraries to suite your interest and time spent in the country.

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