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Famous London Places Rich in History and Worth Visiting

There are many places that are rich in the history that shaped and defined the world that everyone lives in. One of the cities where large parts of the world’s history have been written is London. London made headlines because of the royal family, Jack the Ripper, and countless other things that have made it a very visited city by people from all around the world. However, around London there is also the city of Westminster, and within Westminster is a place called Marylebone.

Marylebone and Westminster

The city of Westminster is known for its abbey, but this is not the only building in this area that is famous. Other than Westminster Abbey, there are many other structures that are known for their history. Here is more information on what there is to see and do in Westminster.

• Marylebone: Marylebone is named after a church, which is dedicated to the saint Mary. The church that this area is named after is St. Marylebone Parish Church that was built in 1817. The original name of the church was St. Mary at the Bourne, but the name was later shorted to Marylebone. Marylebone is also known for its shopping, and there are a lot of retail stores that bring a lot of tourists to that area.


• Buckingham Palace: The palace has been the home of the royal British family for hundreds of years. The palace was built in 1705, and the name Buckingham comes from John Sheffield, who was the Duke of Buckingham. The first residents of the palace were George III and his wife Charlotte. However, by 1820, the palace began to transform into the structure that it is today. As the years went on, more structures were added to Buckingham Palace, and the last bit of construction on the palace was completed in 1913.

Buckingham Palace

• The Houses of Parliament: Also known as the Palace of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament is located right on the Thames River. The area was once the home of another palace for the Danish king of England, but the palace was destroyed by a fire in 1512. Today, the Houses of Parliament is where the House of Lords meet, and many of the laws that govern England are created in this structure by the river.

• St. James's Palace: This palace was once the home of Henry VIII, and was built especially for him during the 16th century. However, the palace was destroyed in 1698, and then rebuilt in the 19th century. Today, the palace is still the home of government officials.

St. James's Palace

Marylebone is located within the city of Westminster. People who visit London have no idea that some of the most famous structures in London are actually located within Westminster. Some of the most famous structures in Westminster are Buckingham Palace, St. James's Palace, and the Houses of Parliament. Westminster is a place that is full of history, and for history buffs, there is no place better to get a history lesson while looking at some unique structures at the same time.

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