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Best Cities for Shopping in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an excellent destination and a paradise for the shoppers. With the variety of choices and commodities available to you, you can admire its culture and enjoy its modernity at once. Well, you literally get to sunbathe on the beautiful beaches and go through an exclusive collection of handbags at the traditional village stores or you can check out some really fashionable high end boutiques and enjoying the ambience of luxurious surroundings in the city.

Be it traditional wears, handbags, metal work, lacquer ware, crafts, laces, nuts and teas or gems, Sri Lanka has it all, giving the shoppers an amazingly unprecedented shopping experience.

Where to buy from?

So after knowing that it is a gold mine for the shopper diggers, where can you get the best things at reasonable prices? Well, here we have a look at some really important and attractive cities best suited for your shopping endeavor:

1. Kandy: Kandy is indeed the top choice for shoppers in Sri Lanka.

Kandy sri lanka

High-class shopping complexes and malls, the vibrant street markets to buy fresh fruits and groceries just give you the basic shopping experience here. To add to it, there are some genuine shops selling high quality batik. Don’t miss the Kandy City Centre where you’ll find anything and everything from clothing to high class jewelry and gadgets.

2. Colombo: Being the capital city of the nation, Colombo is one of the best cities to do your shopping. For the high end luxurious shopping, you might want to visit Crescat Boulevard and Majestic City with supermarkets, stores, cinemas, etc. Colombo main street

There is a special store for clothing and designer footwear in Colombo to watch out, barefoot. And then, you can enjoy the afternoon at the city’s most important market, the Pettah Street Bazaar.

3. Galle: Main Street of Galle catches all the attention of shoppers present.

Galle sri lanka

Plenty of parks, shops, banks are stored here. Clothes, spices, tea, jewellery, etc. Almost everything is found here. For jewellery, this city is highly recommended for its amazing shops and custom design offers.

4. Sigiriya: Well, If you are looking up for some really good handicrafts that reflect the traditional works of Sri Lank an artisans, Sigiriya is the perfect place for you.

Sri Lanka Sigiriya

Although not like Kand’s exquisite choices, Sigiriya is one amazing traditional shopping center for you

And there are many more like Unawatuna, Negombo, Nuwara Eliya, Pinnawala and more There is no limit to shopping here in Sri Lanka at all Clothing, books and many other necessities are being offered at Odd, the country’s shopping chain.

Get Ready

Now there is no need to wait and look for anymore. If you are looking to visit Sri Lanka and are planning to shop, you are going to love the experience. So get your Sri Lanka visas and let yourself enjoy the best shopping facilities in the nation here you get the latest tech stuff, clothing, metalwork, sweets, and lace and of course, the wide variety of gems produced here. So, here is the thing, get set and quickly go.

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